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What is the Sleuth Trivia and other trivia for August 2, 2011?

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Thank You in advance for the great if YA will work for all again tomorrow that would be great.

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    HSW Homes for Chronic Care = At least 32 inches wide

    HSW CarStuff Quiz: Who Said It? = Scott Stirling Engines

    HSW Digital Fingerprinting = True

    HSW Dangerous Home Products = Air Fresheners

    HSW Deck Building = In order to prevent splinter wounds or cuts

    HSW Indoor Air Quality = Watery eyes and sore throat

    HSW GPS = Laying a track

    HSW PlayStation Network = Identify Theft Protection

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    US99.5 WUSN – Chicago

    Nascar – Green Flag

    Taylor – Gurney Mills

    Artist – Zack Brown Band

    Trish’s – Ice cream cone

    4th grader – Humerus

    Blinded by Science – Mutagen

    Consumer Guide – Rear floor mats

    Country Music – Blake Shelton

    Healthcare – Dental

    Healthcare II – Twice

    Healthcare III – Large

    HSW Design – At least 32 inches wide

    HSW Design II – Air fresheners

    HSW Design III – In order to prevent splinter wounds or cuts

    HSW Design IV – True

    HSW Design V – Stirling engines

    HSW Design VI – Laying a track

    HSW Design VII – Identify theft protection

    HSW Design VIII – Watery eyes and sore throat

    Jeopardy – What is Monte Carlo?

    Sleuth – Lemur

    Satisfy – The rooms are made from old cabooses

    Weekends – Robinson Crusoe

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    Good evening , I hope you all have a great day!

    I will try to update the blanks throughout the day.

    I hope the following trivia, songs and words are the ones you need.

    Could you graduate from the 4th grade? ATOMS

    Country Music Trivia - BLAKE SHELTON

    Classic Rock Challenge - JOURNEY

    Earn 600 Points with HSW I New Design Quiz Chronic Care- AT LEAST 32 INCHES WIDE

    Earn 600 Points with HSW II New Design Quiz Deck Building - IN ORDER TO PREVENT SPLINTER WOUNDS OR CUTS

    Earn 600 Points with HSW III New Design Quiz- GPS - LAYING A TRACK

    Earn 600 Points with HSW IV New Design Quiz Hurricane - Playstation - IDENTIFY THEFT PROTECTION

    Earn 600 Points with HSW V New Design Quiz Copper - Car Stuff - STIRLING ENGINES

    Earn 600 Points with HSW VI New Design Quiz Lead- Digital Fingerprinting - TRUE

    Earn 600 Points with HSW VII New Design Quiz Lead- Air Quality - WATERY EYES AND SORE THROAT

    Earn 600 Points with HSW VIII New Design Quiz Lead- Home Products - AIR FRESHENERS

    Games 'n eCards Trivia - 3

    Music Challenge Trivia - THROAT SURGERY


    Sleuth Trivia - LEMUR

    Sports Trivia - 1792

    This Day in Canadian History Trivia - BRETT HART


    7:00 AM - MUD ON THE TIRES

    First Song After 10:00am - IT'S FIVE O'CLOCK SOMEWHERE

    LL - Ten in a Row to starts at 11:50am - HELLO WORLD

    Last Song of the 10 to 3 - CALL ME OLD FASHIONED


    Q107 SONGS


    Legends Lunch - REFUGEE

    2:00 PM - SUNDAY


    CHQR AM 770

    Insider Intel 7.12am - VACATION


    Insider Intel 5:12pm - RELAXATION

    Calgary Today's 5:45pm guest - JOHN SCHMIRR

    Insider-Intel 7:08pm -

    9:05pm guest on The World Tonight -

    Insider-Intel 9:08pm -


    6:12 - RETREAT

    7:12 - RECOVER

    9:12 - REWIND

    1:12 - REPEL

    4:12 - REJECT

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    4th grader-humerus

    blinded by science-Mutagen

    consumer-Rear Floor Mats

    country-Blake Shelton


    healthcare-1 in every 5 people has suffered from a dental emergency in the past 6 months

    healthcare2-twice a week

    healthcare3-large muscle groups a child uses to move around

    hot music-Three Days Grace

    hsw-at least 32 inches wide

    hsw2-air fresheners

    hsw3-in order to prevent splinter wounds or cuts


    hsw5-"Stirling Engines"

    hsw6-laying a track

    hsw7-Identify theft protection

    hsw8-watery eyes and sore throat

    jeopardy-What is Monte Carlo?


    pop music-Akon

    syc-The rooms are made from old cabooses

    weekends-Robinson Crusoe

    magic music-Neil Diamond

    WGNA TV-Alexander Skarsgard

    WGNA country1-Toby Keith

    WGNA country2-Johnny Cash, 'Hurt'

    WGNA pop1-Kings of Leon

    WGNA pop2-Stevie Wonder

    WGNA rock1-Workingman’s Dead

    WGNA rock2-Bon Scott

    WGNA Deal 24

    WGNA Celebrity: The Band Perry

    Sleuth Lemur


    630 935

    930 second row

    11 These Dreams

    4 tonight


    MCT Def Leppard and Heart

    Face Book Def Leppard

    Maroon 5 Meet Virginia


    625 fortune

    925 language

    B2W Michael Buble

    425 started

    FLY 92

    8 Beach

    10 Sand

    3 wave



    905 inspire

    1205 stripes

    305 rocking


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    LONE STAR 92.5 - Fort Worth / Dallas, Texas

    Trivia for 08/02/2011

    Are you smarter than a 4th grader => humerus

    Babes => No

    Blinded by Science => Mutagen

    Classic Rock Challenge => Journey

    HowStuffWorks New Design Quiz #1 => at least 32 inches wide

    HowStuffWorks New Design Quiz #2 => air fresheners

    HowStuffWorks New Design Quiz #3 => in order to prevent splinter wounds or cuts

    Consumer Guides Auto Trivia (2011 Mazda 3) => Rear Floor Mats

    Games 'n eCards Trivia => 3

    Healthcare Trivia => in every 5 people has suffered from a dental emergency in the past 6 months

    HowStuffWorks New Design Quiz #4 => True

    HowStuffWorks New Design Quiz #5 => Stirling Engines

    Healthcare II Trivia => twice a week

    HowStuffWorks New Design Quiz #6 => laying a track

    HowStuffWorks New Design Quiz #7 => Identify theft protection

    HowStuffWorks New Design Quiz #8 => watery eyes and sore throat

    Healthcare Trivia III => large muscle groups a child uses to move around

    Jeopardy => What is Monte Carlo?

    Satisfy Your Curiosity Trivia => The rooms are made from old cabooses

    Sleuth Trivia => LEMUR (Tiffany Cupcake Charm and Chain pg2)

    Weekends => Robinson Crusoe

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    Sacramento, CA radio clubs

    KSEG (Eagle), KUIC, ESPN 1320, The Buzz 106.5, JACK 93.7, Alice 97.3

    Eagle 96.9 Listen & Win

    Blue Plate: paul rodgers

    Word Du Jour: pt109

    Alice 97.3 San Francisco

    Word of the day: air

    JACK 93.7

    Bonus code site for 1000 pts (enter “win prizes” at):

    Are you smarter than a 4th grader: humerus

    Blinded by Science: mutagen

    Classic Rock Challenge: Journey

    Consumer Guides Auto Trivia: rear

    Games 'n eCards: 3

    Healthcare: dental

    Healthcare II: twice

    Healthcare III: large

    Hot Music Trivia: Three Days Grace

    Hot Music Video: Ford Mustang

    HSW Homes for Chronic Care: 32

    HSW Dangerous Home Products: air

    HSW Deck Building: prevent

    HSW Digital Fingerprinting: true

    HSW CarStuff: stirling

    HSW GPS: laying

    HSW PlayStation Network: identify

    HSW Indoor Air Quality: watery

    Jeopardy: Monte Carlo

    Music Challenge: Throat surgery

    Music Trivia: true

    Satisfy Your Curiosity: rooms

    Sleuth: lemur

    Weekends: Robinson Crusoe

    Have a good day!

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    9am: Deal

    KOB FM

    4am: Apes

    7am: DUI

    10am: I never got it. Sorry

    Magic FM

    Phil: dishwasher

    Office of the day: United Health Care

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    Trivia WebEX ~ Video

    Are you smarter than a 4th grader ~ humerus

    Blinded by Science ~ Mutagen

    Country Music ~Blake Shelton

    Jeopardy ~ What is Monte Carlo?

    Weekends ~ Robinson Crusoe

    Source(s): Guessed! :-0
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    Cisco WebEx: Video

    Source(s): I guessed.
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    FM 106 (Milwaukee) Music Survey 8/2/11 is cream puff.

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