Team for Pokemon White!?

HI! Thanks for answering. Now, I'm playing Pokemon White and I need a good team. Its mostly for battles with my friends but I might want to battle competitively. Any suggestions? Here is some criteria I'm looking for:

- At least 1 Fire, 1 Water, 1 Dragon, and if possible 1 Grass and 1 Normal type pokemon,

- I would like at least 1 wall and 1 sweeper

- NO legenderies and if possible NO starters

- All pokemon must go through evolution at least

- NO eeveelutions please.

I can trade with my friends so getting most pokemon shouldn't be a problem.

Giving me moves, items and EV's would also be good. Thanks!

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    Ferrothorn is the BEST WALL EVER!!! With its ability Iron Barbs, and its ridiculously high defense and sp defense, and the fact that it has a pretty good attack stat on top of that, its only downfall is its speed, but that shouldn't be a problem. And its only weaknesses are Fire (watch out for those) and Fighting (not as much of a threat).

    Ferrothorn- Iron Head, Power Whip, Ingrain, Payback

    Your dragon/sweeper should be either Hydreigon or Haxorus. Haxorus has a better physical attack stat, but Hydreigon is better overall (considering its a pseudo-legendary).

    Haxorus- Giga Impact, Outrage, Dragon Claw, Earthquake (TM)

    Hydreigon- Outrage, Hyper Voice, Dragon Rush, Crunch

    Your Fire pokemon should be Chandelure. Mostly because it has a ridiculous Sp ATK stat, so this pokemon can also work as a sweeper.

    Chandelure- Pain Split/Curse, Shadow Ball, Inferno, Flame Burst

    A good water type is Alomomola, mostly because its HP stat is only 2nd to Chansey and Blissey. By using Wish every other turn, you can make the people you battle "wish" that YOUR wish doesn't come true.

    Alomomola- Aqua Ring, Wish, Brine/Hydro Pump, Wake-up Slap

    I'm not sure what to say for your normal type pokemon. IMO there aren't rlly any good normal pokemon in the Unova region. If you're ok with pokemon from the previous regions, i could suggest Slaking. Just watch out for his truant ability -__-

    Slaking- Giga Impact (TM), Hammer Arm, Chip Away, any other move you like (maybe Earthquake TM)

    If you haven't gotten the national dex yet, then while Slaking's not around, you could use Cofagrigus. This pokemon makes a great wall too, and with a crappy attack stat, by using power swap, you can make your opponent real weak, which basically makes cofagrigus invincible. Watch out for cofagrigus's speed stat too, it's like a Ghost-type Ferrothorn. Oh yeah, and he can negate your opponent's ability by passing on its own "MUMMY". it will pass on when they make physical contact with you.

    Cofagrigus- Power Split, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Will-o-Wisp

    You'll also need a speedy pokemon. Zebstrika is my most successful runner (Accelgor is faster, but has S*** defense). With Zebstrika, you can assure yourself first hit against virtually any pokemon (not all of them though)

    Zebstrika- Flame Charge, Wild Charge, Discharge, Thrash/Stomp

    This team fulfills all your criteria, and have all been used by me myself with the exact same attacks. I have never lost a battle with this team. Good luck!

    Source(s): My own undefeatable Pokemon White team ;)
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    Why the two floor kinds? i might drop Krook and replace it with Scrafty. those are all powerhouses, offensive sweepers. i might get a defensiove form. Cofagrigus is often valuable to have, by way of fact it has super intense defenses and first rate particular attack. it quite is the moveset's i might use which contain your group. Arcanine Flare Blitz Crunch Wild fee Outrage, Extremespeed or Snarl Haxorus Outrage Dragon Dance (2 of those and you will outspeed tremendously much something and destroy any form.) Earthquake Brick smash, X-Scissor, or Shadow Claw Scrafty hi leap Kick Drain Punch Crunch Rock Slide/Stone omit (side) Seismitoad Drain Punch Surf/Sclad Sludge Bomb or Sludge Wave Earthquake Eelektross Crunch Wild fee Flamethorwer/fireplace Punch (instruct) Brick smash Cofagrigus substitute Calm innovations Shadow Ball WilloWisp Trick right it quite is to: a million: Use WilloWisp 2: Use substitute 3: junk mail Calm innovations till the Sub breaks 4: Kill with STAB Shadow Ball wish this helps!

  • 10 years ago

    1. Volcarana (FIre/Bug)

    2. Hydregion (Dragon)

    3. Stoutland (Normal)

    4. Archeops (Rock/Flying)

    5. Samurott (Water) sorry he's a starter but best water in the game

    6. Reuniclus (Pshycic)

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