Is anyone in the IB diploma program?

I'm going to be a junior this fall and I am going to be in the IB program. Any tips? I heard so many rumours that it is super hard, you wont have time for anything else etc. I'm not sure if I should quit my extra curriculars because I am a cheerleader (practice is 3 times a week) :/

Btw, my courses are

English HL (really easy at my school)

Spanish B SL

Business Managment HL

Math SL

Bio HL

Chem HL

Any tips for my courses?


Sorry my business is actually SL not HL* :/

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    I'm going to be a senior in the fall so I will be starting year two of the diploma and take my exams in May. Let me begin with saying that in my personal opinion, IB is not as difficult as it is made out to be. Before my junior year I heard horror stories about upperclassmen who wouldn't get more than 3 hours of sleep on a given night and found it impossible to have any type of social life until exams were over. Now, while the IB program is certainly rigorous and time consuming, it is definitely possible to maintain a balanced lifestyle during those two years granted you learn how to manage your time well. First of all, your junior year of IB probably won't be much different than your previous two years of high school. The way the IB works is that it gets progressively more challenging as the final exams approach. It isn't really until the end of 11th grade that you may become overwhelmed with the amount of work as this is when Internal Assessments, TOK Essays, Extended Essays and predicted grades are introduced. Therefore, you should take the first few months, when the workload is noticeably lighter, as an opportunity to establish good study patterns and even try to get a head start on any of the upcoming work. That way as you become more pushed for deadlines, you'll notice that you'll be much less stressed out than some of your peers who left everything last minute and you will be prepared to tackle any problems you may run in to. Also something to take in to consideration, which I'm sure you've already discussed with your parents or teachers, are your class choices. For example, although HL Physics is one of the most difficult classes to do well in, if you find that it is class that you enjoy and have done well in the past, you may find that the actual coursework is a much lighter load than if you were to take SL Biology. Conversely, do not go in to any classes over confidently. I am a level 7 student in HL English, a class that I enjoy immensely, but it by no means is an 'easy class'. Although the skills required may come more naturally to some, the IB still requires a curriculum that will require you to read an extensive amount of literature and produce two high quality World Literature papers which you will spend many months developing. Furthermore the HL English exams themselves are quite challenging as they require a tight time limit and cover material that you may (or may not have) studied over the past two years. This years HL English Exam, for example, proved to be incredibly difficult. No one in my school achieved above a 5 even though many of them had predicted 7's. Bottom line- choose classes that you enjoy and do well in, but be prepared to work and don't become too over confident. If, at the beginning of the year you are already feeling overwhelmed by any class it's probably best you go to the school councilor as soon as possible and switch while you still have the opportunity to, because things will only get worse.

    It is definitely possible to keep up with extra curriculars and even maintain a pretty healthy social life, just know that when you sign up to take IB, you decide to put your school work first. If I were you I would continue to cheerlead as it will be a great way to take some stress off of your academic-heavy lifestyle and also squeeze in some time to hang out with your friends. But, if at any point during the year you feel that it's really taking a toll on your school work, be prepared to quit.

    One last tip: get your CAS and Extended Essay out of the way as SOON AS POSSIBLE...I promise, it will help you out immensely! Don't let the IB scare you, it's not so bad and goes by in a flash! Plus it looks really great on your transfer and help you out loads in college. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions/concerns.

    I've ran out of space so I will send you an email with a comment about HL Biology...

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    Hey, I'm going to be a sophomore so I won't be in the IB program this year but I will be starting junior year just like you. I have friends that are in/have completed the IB program since it is widely popular at my school. I knew some people who did full IB and still managed to balance sports along with that and keep up their grades so I think that the possibility of you being able to continue cheer-leading is high but it depends on whether or not you'll be able to handle it.

    My tips to you would just be to become extremely organized. It is incredibly important to use your time wisely because it will take up a bunch of your time. If you get a planner/agenda then that will help immensely and if you have a schedule/work pattern that you fall into where you do your homework at a certain time everyday or something then it will help.

    Take lots of notes and review them. Ask teachers any questions if you need any help because that's important. Make sure you study a lot.

    The main thing is just putting in the effort and making time for it all. If you aren't organized then it isn't going to work well at all and you definitely won't be able to be a cheer-leader.

    Best of luck and have a great junior year!

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    I'm not but my friends are and I know a lot of people who have gone through it.

    It can be hard, but I've always heard it is super rewarding. It can take over your social life if you let it happen. Meaning, if you procrastinate you're going to hardly ever have social time. Don't quit your extracurriculars. I know a few people who went through the program and had sports, clubs, work, and more all at the same time. You can do it.

    I'm just taking IB English plus AP classes, Honors, and CP mixed.

    Also, I've heard that beware that sometimes IB isn't even looked at in some colleges (But rarely) but still because it's mainly for people looking into International colleges (it's in the name IB - haha).

    But don't worry! You can handle it! I could've taken full IB but honestly, I don't think I could handle it personally. But I know many who have!

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  • No, but I was almost an AP scholar. My suggestion: Don't procrastinate.

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