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Macbook Air (2011) vs Macbook Pro SSD?

Hi. I am in the market for a laptop and want either the Macbook Air 13 inches or Macbook Pro SSD 13 inches . I will be using the laptop for browsing the web, creating documents and streaming music. The Macbook Air has been receiving exceptional reviews and the benchmarks show it outperforming even the 2011 Macbook Pro 13 inch base models. Add that level of performance to a beautiful laptop and I thought I was sold. I tried it in the apple store and the performance blew me away (those ssds are AMAZING) However, I will not be taking the laptop out of the house very often. Although the portability would be great in terms of moving it around my house, I do not feel it is my number one priority. Should I still go for the air? Or should I go for the Pro SSD? I really like the ability to launch apps very quickly so I am sold on SSD, so I will not look at the 13 inch base model at all. However, as portability is not a HUGE factor, will my money be better spent with the Pro SSD? I will not be doing any great photo or video editing, simply documents and internet... and keep in mind it costs an extra $150 to the air. However, as portability is not a number one concern will the pro still do me better in the long run?

ALSO, if neither of the two fit my needs, recommend another laptop, or tell me if I should wait till the new pros!


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    I will strongly recommend you Apple MacBook Pro MC700LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop. While buying Macbook air you have to sacrifice memory as it has less hard drive. The graphics are so clear, it is so fast and so light weight to carry anywhere. You can check this out at

    Read this opinion from an actual user, and you'll know why I recommend this laptop

    If you still want to get the MacBook Air, you may find a good price for it here

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    8 years ago

    Unless you are a video editor who HAS to use certain Apple only software, ALL Macs are a colossal ripoff

    You can buy a $700-800 Core i7 2630QM quad Window 7 laptop that will destroy either of those in power/performance for 1/2 the price, AND buy a better quality SSD for around $100-125 and install it

    EDIT: I'd recommend getting a Toshiba or ASUS. Their reliability is at least as high as Apple's too. And you'll get double the bang for the buck

    Personally if I was buying something now, I'd get this for $700

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    8 years ago

    This Apple MacBook Pro MC700LL/A is really great computer. Case is solid,keyboard is superb, design is excellent. I used Mac's before at work and PC's at home, and I always thought that MAC is to expensive. But after buying this one I think it is really worth it. I was considering first buying 15" one; but that one is just to big and to expensive. This one is best deal.

    Just bought the i5 and upgraded ram to 8GB. I purposely tried to slow it down with parallels, hand brake (ripping a DVD) , and youtube. I couldn't do it, I was running faster than a wanted man from the law.

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