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Should my wife take a one week job at a strip club to save our house?

My wife lost her job. Her unemployment ran out and she has gotten another job but it doesnt not begin for another 3 months when they open the new office. I already have two jobs and we have run out of options. The amount she needs to make in order for us to make our house payment is more than easy to get jobs, such as waitressing or fast food or a department store. We have gone thru all our savings and if we dont come up with the mortgage money for the next few months until she starts work we loose the house and will be on the streets as we have no family to help us out.

A friend who works as a bouncer at a local strip club told her that he knows for a fact he can get her a job there and she would make enough in a week there to pay our mortgage for months to come... But this place is a full nude place and we are pretty conservative people. My wife even wears a 1 piece bathing suit. She has the body to strip. And under normal circumstances she would never in a million years do it.... but with our future in the balance and all other options exhausted. She is considering it. We know thru our friend many of the dancers go beyond lap dances in the back rooms and can make thousands a night if they give hand jobs and blow jobs. She is worried they make the girls to do it and she is horrible under pressure.

This maybe our only chance to save our family and keep our house and not go homeless (we have a little girl and the idea of being homeless keeps us up at night!)

Should she do it for a week to get us thru this? even if she is required to give high paying clientele hj's and bj's?

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  • Rick
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    8 years ago

    This all comes down to whether you're both okay with this solution. If it's something you're both comfortable with, then it's okay. Here's the big question. When she's no longer working there and you've gotten past this very tough time in your lives, will it matter then? Will it be something you can cope with that won't drive a wedge in to your relationship? Will it have been worth this just to save a house?

    What about downsizing to a smaller home? Or how about selling it and renting until you're both back on your feet again? How about bridge financing until the other job starts? Or temporary help from friends or family? Can you live with one of your family members for a while?

    I know desperate times call for desperate measures but there are always solutions. Maybe some of them won't be perfect but they're something to consider.

    Does she HAVE to give hand jobs and blow jobs to the customers? What if she only worked there as a stripper?

    Could she work somewhere else as a stripper or pole dancer only?

  • Key
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    8 years ago

    Well I'm pretty sure that she can decide on what she want to do with certain people. They can't make her do anything unless she verbally agrees and/or sign something that states she has to do whatever the paying customers want. She has a freedom of speech and she controls her actions. I'd say as her husband don't force her to do something she doesn't want to do. She could regret it in the long run or something. You say the two of you are conservative but yet you want her to strip in an ALL NUDE strip club. Lol you're contradicting yourself. But I guess it'll be okay if you don't mind her stripping for guys naked and if she doesn't mind doing the same thing. And hopefully she doesn't like it and go into it full time. Hey you'll never know lol. She might end up liking it. Good Luck and sorry to hear about your circumstances. But choose the best decision and if the two ofyou agree on her stripping for a while hopefully she doesn't do anything that she could come into contact with such as STDs and bring it home to you and you guys little girl.

  • 8 years ago

    If doing that would hurt your wife in any way, or hurt your relationship in any way, or make her feel violated, she should definitely not do it. That's not fair for her to have to give up her body and self respect in order to safe the house. Keep your family together instead. Damaging your wife is not worth a material possession like a house. Come on. Be a man and get a better job. It's hard to believe that your 2 jobs don't help much.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Firstly, be sure your wife is cool with the idea of dancing. Really and truly.

    If she really is ok with it I would recommend you and your wife look for a club that is not all nude, look for topless clubs or even bikini. Nude clubs tend to be much more seedy in general. Some clubs are more stage-centric- meaning if your wife can move well she may be able to dance onstage for money, and forgo lap dances altogether. She may make less money by not doing lap dances, but it is all about doing what you are ok with. Visit different clubs at prime hours (evenings) and check out how much $ you are seeing being thrown down onstage. More is better, obviously.

    There will likely not be encouragement from management at this club for her to do any more than just a lap dance. Pressure will mostly be from customers, however, quite often, in nude clubs, management is willing to look the other way when it comes to stuff like this. The more conservative the club the less she will experience this sort of thing. Dancing in cities that boast McDonalds as the best fine dining in the area will be dirtier and will bring in less money.

    Surprisingly, girls in full nude clubs often don't make more money. Dancing can be a quick and easy way to make cash, though the money isn't what it used to be in any clubs anymore, so it's best to stick to bikini or topless bars. Often the best money comes from older gentlemen who want a muse who is still a lady- keeping some mystery can be a very good thing. Look for clubs with older clientele, in or nearby wealthy neighborhoods. If your wife starts dancing tell her to look for the gentleman sitting by himself- check his shoes and watch to see what kind of money he has to spend.

    Finally, if your wife really doesn't wear a two piece bikini at the beach I would think long and hard about asking her to do this. If she is not comfortable with showing her body (even if it's perfect!) she won't be comfortable/confident onstage and she'll end up making less money and just resenting the whole experience. This could be really bad for your marriage.

    Nude clubs are poopy and gross. I dj'd at one for a couple weeks and went right back to djing at bikini bars where the environment is not creepy. Hope this info helps. Oh, and if she's going to be doing lap dances have her go look at the area the dances are done in. If they are too isolated from the eye of security- that's no good. Good luck.

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  • Deanna
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    4 years ago

    If this is true and you are not just playing games with this forum and the public,if you two have the moral strength and intestinal fortitude to approach this as just a short term fix then yes go for it.If you as a man and husband can accept the fact that men will be leering and possibly grabbing your betrothed to satisfy their perverted pleasures and desires,then yes go for it. If you lovely wife who chose you to love honor cherish her can tolerate being around emotionally unstable drug using lesbians for hours on end then yes go for it.If this is the only way to keep the lifestyle you choose instead of simplifying your needs to meet your budget and allow both of you to be exposed to this decadent cesspool fit only for the dregs of society then yes go for it.Make all the money you can,lose all inhibitions and cast fate to the wind and make that big score.You marriage must be the most secure and strongest union between a man and a woman ever.But then again what do I know.Good luck and best of success.

  • 8 years ago

    1. There are more options, you have NOT run out of options.

    2. You won't be on the streets, you merely can't make your mortgage, significant difference.

    3. You're not conservative people to even consider that sort of work for her.

    4. Of course she would do this, you're just haggling about the price.

    5. No one "makes the girls do it". They do it because they want to.

    6. You have pretty low standards if a house is the price you're willing to pay for your wife's supposed standards.

  • Truth
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    8 years ago

    NO.. a house is just a house .. but a person's self worth and respect is price less.. move if you have to find a job.. if she strips you life as you know it now and in the past over . you family is over...

  • 8 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    This is a hard one...but honestly, I don't think she should degrade herself like that, and you shouldnt want her to. There are other ways to make bartending?--Stripping should never be an option--especially for a married woman with a child.

  • London
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    8 years ago

    "Should she do it for a week to get us thru this? even if she is required to give high paying clientele hj's and bj's?"

    Are you kidding me? You're her husband? Yeah right... I'm sure you can survive for ONE WEEK, ask a favour from family or friends to borrow money for food for the week if need be.

    I'm not even sure if this post is genuine.

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