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Do you prefer fixed gear or freewheel bikes?

Today I got my bike back from the bike shop. I had them convert my old schwinn world into a single speed freewheel. I did this instead of keeping all the gears and instead of fixed because I like how the maintenance is really low and there are less part to break. Also, when I ride now, it seems more fluid, the chain isn't going through a derailur or anything. I chose freewheel over fixed just because I like being able to coast and I can really enjoy riding instead of wondering how to brake.

So my question is, which do you prefer? Why?

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    This new found feeling of fluidity really isn't too big of a surprise; almost anything will feel smoother than an old-school drivetrain. (laughs) But you are right about the maintenance, or lack there of; less parts less problems! Fixies are cool and trendy, perhaps too much for their own good. And as with any trend, I imagine they wont be around, or at least so mainstream, forever. Maybe I'm just not cool enough, but a single speed just makes more sense.

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  • tennis
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    3 years ago

    relies upon on the rear hub. some you need to use a particular wrench to eliminate the threaded kit assembly and screw on a freehub. you additionally can get a hub laced in at a competent interior sight motorcycle save which will enable for a turn-flop setup or strictly a single sided bmx thread mount. there are various a thank you to do it, returned relies upon on the rear hub. flow to a competent motorcycle save on your area. an elementary BMX thread swap would desire to cost no extra desirable than approximately 25$. you are able to flow loopy with extra high priced areas in case you needed. A uncomplicated ACS freehub will do the trick in the journey that your hub is threaded.

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  • 9 years ago

    I'll stick with my gears, derailleurs & brakes - thank you very much.

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