Is the American Dream one of Greed, Gluttony, Selfishness, Materialism, and Arrogance?

They call it the land of the Free but it seems like Americans are slaves to their own materialism. America has the biggest gap between the rich and the poor. The corporations run the country and are thieves that steal oil from countries living in poverty and ruin the farmland they do have. They basically steal resources from other countries that can't defend themselves while destroying and actually killing people while doing it for more money. (Shell Oil, DeBeers, , etc.)

Two-Thirds of Americans are obese, and some people reaching as high as 1,000 lbs! That's enough weight to support the survival of 10 starving people! The children are some of the most uneducated and ignorant in western society, some which can't even read past a 6th grade level not to mention the children are developing Diabetes and other obesity related problems at record numbers.

They committed Genocide on the Native Americans, enslave blacks, exploit the Mexicans, Chinese for 400 years and therefore made America the empire it is today yet are casts aside and their duty to their country ignored and unappreciated and still exploited. They let Native Americans and blacks suffer in reservations and ghettos while Mexicans and Chinese work in horrible American corporations in horrible conditions, treatment, and pay. They are scapegoated for the problems CREATED by and exploited by the Corporations.

Despite being exposed as the most corrupt man in recent history people still continue to watch and believe Fox News and fail to think for themselves. They believe in creationism and have the most nutty religious in Satan, demons, faith healing, etc. They cling to religion yet many have addictions to internet porn and watch child pornography and beastology for hours a day. Miss America had only 3 smart girls and the rest only had their breast implants to get them votes.

It seems to me like the American Dream is one full of endless greed and materialism. Yet they sing the Song "Proud to be an American" and "God Bless America" How can you be proud of a Country that is so corrupt and it's very foundations built on enslavement, exploitation, genocide, and theft? I guess it's because American children are brainwashed in the public schools with that patriotic crap instead of learning science. So America needs more blessings even though they hold the most wealth? Seriously? Why not Bless North Korea whose citizens are eating their own children because of starvation?

Really, I'm certainly not proud to be an American, I'm embarrassed and ashamed of being an American and once I save up enough money and information, I'm moving to another country, one with less greedy selfish citizens. I've never felt at home here probably because I was raised to think for myself and all of humanity instead of one country or myself. I also am Native American and Black decent, and my grandmother died living in squalor on an Indian reservation.

I like George Carlin.


Rupert Murdoch I mean was exposed as being one of the most corrupt and most powerful man in recent history yet people still watch Fox news...

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    American Dream Materialism

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    9 years ago

    Greed for wealth,power has always been in humans,in ever country not Just America,what country does not have a gap between poor and rich,educated and non educated?I am not pro American in fact i am from Iraq but i see the situation from both sides,the rule that humans use is the Strong eats the weak so if not America another one will do the same,patriotism is in every country all people are brain washed with it not just in America,God told us that different countries and languages are only to know who is who not to fight for it,so if you leave to another country you will not solve any thing .

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    Although i do agree with most of what you say. you are only stereo-typing most Americans. Yes, america does have a serious problem with materialism and would most likely benefit from learning about other countries to help them understand what it really means to live. but all of this is not what america is really about. i am Hispanic and before i came ot this country, my family would make $8 a day (if we were lucky), spent most of our time working just to survive, and still were under poverty. atleast in america, we can feed more than just one starving person in our family, and now we do have a chance to start a new life and have a better future. the american dream is not one of greed, and materialism, but one of success and rising against all odds to make a life that you would be proud to remember and to leave something for this world to remember you by. this is what the american dream truly is. although most companies and families have been caught up in obesity and greed, some of us still retain what it means to try and live the american dream. and i do have to also disagree about the children. yes, despite ALOT of bad seeds in the tree of america, some of us have learned to love education and want to further in it to not just help ourselves, but help others. I myself am one of those people, ever since i have come from my native land of mexico, i have spent these last few years (12 to be exact) enjoying the beauty that is hidden in the beautiful country, i have spent my time in school and have learned alot about computers and have chosen my career in it. and none of this would have ever even been possible if my family and i had not come to this country. I am proud to be an American and i do respect your opinion but i strongly disagree with you in your opinion. please contact me if you want to discuss this further.

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    The American Dream is the fulfilled promise of success and prosperity, not your copy & paste rant.

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    God, you're such a community college intellectual. Why don't you go and read catcher in the rye while sipping on your boxed wine.

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    I agree with "No"

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    so true....

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