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Guinea Pig Questions!?

Okay so I really want a female guinea pig (the smooth-coated ones), and I want to name her Dixie Belle. When I acquire Dixie I do not just want a pet, I want her to be my best friend. So I have a few questions:

First off, If I adopt a guinea pig, can I rename her Dixie, or will she already know her previous name?

What is the best way to acquire a guinea pig in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida?

Can I bring Dixie everywhere with me? I want to get one of those bags for pets, so she can come with me everywhere. If the bags aren't the best way, can we use a harness and leash and take walks together?

Can I feed Dixie popcorn? I know you can feed them fruits and vegetables. But can you feed them it as a tiny little snack?

Can guinea pigs be litter trained? I been reading online, and many people have mixed feeling about this.


Also, I go to Orlando every two months or so. Do guinea pigs enjoy car rides? And would it be okay If I bring her with me?

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    first of all i am just like u it seems had almost all the same questions and more so i will answer wat i no.

    You can not feed her popcorn it is not in their natural diet

    You can rename her guinea pigs are very intelligent and can even learn tricks

    You can take her along with you but you need to bing her water bottle u could hold it for her but she would also need her usual hay and food oh she will prolly go in her bag so i suggest you get a puppy pee mat or a cage pee mat liner they both really work

    You can litter train them but use either critter litter or usual bedding i have been litter training mine lil girl Penelope (she is 3 months and a long hair) and i used tin foil to make a litter box it is big and the only part in her cage that has bedding the rest has newspaper if we keep in touch i will send you the facts

    And i wouldnt suggest getting a store bought harness my friend got one for her guinea pig and he slips out of it real easy.i am getting a custom made harness dress for Penelope it is free shipping and somewhat cheap go to this site to see for your self http://www.chloesfourleggedfashions.com dont worry if you dont see one u like u can pick a design out of the doggie fashions and she will make it exactly to fit your guinea pig perfect and fashionably. but you have to measure your guinea pigs neck and chest/waist so she will know the rite size. Hope this helps!

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    Guinea pigs don't know specifics, and it'll take them a while to associate tone with anything else like a dog would, so I wouldn't worry about renaming.

    Personally, I'm from England so I can't advise you in that department but most re homing shelters like RSPCA have unwanted guinea pigs for sale :)

    I would never put a pet in a bag personally. Its an enclosed space which makes them feel claustrophobic and threatened, guinea pigs also poo and wee - A LOT. So it really wouldn't be a good idea to be honest. I used to walk my guinea pig round the garden on a ferret lead but I'd never take them out on their lead because of dogs and cats which would happily gobble them up. You also don't know what sort of weed killer and other chemicals are on public pavements/grass.

    You could probably feed her plain popcorn, I don't know that she'd eat it (my guinea pigs weren't a fan of human food) just NEVER salted or sweet.

    Guinea pigs can be litter trained like rabbits, but it'd be difficult and I haven't the first idea how you'd do it.

    Guinea pigs don't generally enjoy car rides but the more you do it with her the more used to it she'll get, if you set her up with a nice cosy box with a towel, hay and a few treats which is securely placed in the car she'll be fine. My hamster travels on the train from Wales to the North of England (7 hours, 3 changes) seven or eight times a year and he's got used to it and sleeps through.

    You need to remember, the guinea pig IS an animal. Not a human.


    P.S: Dixie is a very cute name!

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    Yes, you can rename her Dixie but you should be the one feeding her so she would no ur her owner and then she will know that thats her name.

    Second, Keep it in a house, get it a wheel ball so it can move around the house without u worrying and she would feel safe and happy.

    No, you cant bring her with you whereever u go bcoz guieni pigs are known for sneaking and running away and ofcourse u cant take it on a leash, its not a dog or something, its like a hamster, just a bit bigger.

    Yeah, you can feed it popcorn but not alot and not everyday so it wont feel ill.

    No, not really, the short coated can but needs 2 weeks to learn ti litter but for the first 2 weeks put hay or shredded wooden pieces or a 4x4 dog pad which she can litter on and it would suck the litter and wont let the guiniea pig get dirty.

    Yes, take it with u but just becareful and keep watching it and most importantly, give it ATTENTION

    Hope this answer helped you :)

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    No leashes. No balls like someone else suggested. Please adopt instead of buy (check Craigslist too). Ask around at shelters, vet offices, etc that you are looking for pigs. Guineas are herd animals, so it's best to get a same-sex pair. You are no substitute for a guinea pig buddy.

    Litter trained? Probably won't work, but they will often prefer on corner of a cage.

    Car travel is stressful for them. Anytime you take them out of their environment it leads to stress. It's best to do this not too often. if you want a pet that goes everywhere with you get a dog.

    Veggies everyday, occasional fruit, and unlimited grass hay are essential for guinea pigs. They might eat popcorn but veggies/fruits are much better for a snack.

    Source(s): Read these before getting pigs: GuineaLynx.info Cavyspirit.com Guineapigcages.com
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    it sounds like you may be better suited with a small dog. you can rename your guinea pig and she will catch on to it, my guinea pigs know their names, when one of them does something naughty i say bobo (his name) and he pays attention to it and the other guinea pig doesnt =] guinea pigs need to be in pairs and a cage that is 7.5 square feet too. unfortuntley, no you can't really take your guinea pig out and about, they are very timid and scared it would probably get a heart attack, also it may slip out of the leash and get hit by a car or something. no popcorn would probably kill her. they can be litter trained but it would take a while. she won't enjoy the car ride at the least but she would be ok

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    well it depends, most like to have a little friend, but my Tina loved to be alone and get all the attention, but others get lonely. I would get him/her a friend but just introduce them slowly and don't put them into the same cage till 3 weeks. Tina's sister died so i got her a friend Lily, they got on great cuddling with each other until i put them in the same cage, Tina was very territorial, once two guinea pigs have fought they will never be friends again. I just got two more piggies who turned out to be pregnant, they have given birth but they get too protective of their babies and fight, so they have to be split up. You have to be care full with introducing, or you will end up with two lonely piggies.

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    From what I've noticed guinea pigs do not recognize names, so call it whatever you want. I don't live in Florida but i imagine you can get one at any pet store. You can put it in a bag but it may not like that. And they poop A LOT, so I wouldn't want it in any of my bags. I don't think they would like pop corn. I don't think they can be potty trained

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    I handle my pig a lot...in fact, he is a classroom pet and gets handled by a lot of children and he doesn't mind. He loves to be brushed with a soft brush and carried around in a basket with a soft blanket and is used to being carried around in a bag. I just make sure to put a small, hard, handle-less basket on the bottom of the bag with a soft blanket in it.

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