Does anybody remember the tv show Jackie Chan Adventures?

It was on Fox Kids around 2001-2005 which then it was put on Jetix and then Disney XD.

Also, is my brother and I 90s Kids or 2000s kids since I'm 15 (born in '95) and he is 14 (born in '97) and ever since he was 4 in a half, he has watched Nickelodeon (when the shows from the 90s and early 2000s were still airing, Cartoon Network (same as Nickelodeon), Boomerang (we still watch it), Fox Kids (we didn't really watch Fox Kids, but reruns of most of their shows came on Toon Disney and Jetix), and very little Disney Channel (when Even Stevens, Big Bear and the Big Blue House was around). We still watch the older tv shows to this day. So is it a good idea to only watch the old TV Shows and not the newer ones of today. We watch like 1 or 2 new shows, but overall its about the older shows like Batman (90s Animated Series), Doug (Nick), Rocko's Modern Life, Spider-Man (1994-1998 series), Hey Arnold, Jackie Chan Adventures, and the shows from 2004/5 and before.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Jackie Chan Adventures and Spider-Man from early 90's are now available on NetFlix on demand. I used to watch them and loved them too. Also, X-men from early 90's is out there. If you have NetFlix I would check it out. Lots of these older shows are better than the new ones.

  • 8 years ago

    YES! I never quite understood what the purpose of those like coins that were shaped like octagons were for, though. I was a bit young at the time, so go figure.

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