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Would you rather spend a day in Narnia, Middle-earth or Hogwarts?

I am aware that in practical matters the first two options wouldn't be terribly appealing. I am also aware that half the time both these lands are shrouded in war. However, let us assume that we can adapt to primitive environments and that there is no threat of being killed if we stray too far from our homes (or off the forest path).

I myself would love to tour around Middle-earth :D

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    I'd enjoy being in Harry Potter's World, but I think I'd prefer my own wand and a day in Diagon Alley, or Hogsmeade.

    Middle-Earth would be amazing also. I'd want to wander Rivendell (with or without the elves in residence), Minis Tirith, and bonk my head on the crossbeams of a hobbit hole.

    I have no desire to visit Narnia. It's just not my thing.

    I would however enjoy a few weeks in The Seven Kingdoms and the Free Cities. Most notably, a few days at the wall with the men of the Night's Watch and wandering around many of the castles, Dragonstone, The Red Keep, and Storm's End.

    The sicker part of me would also enjoy wandering with Roland and his ka-tet in the world that has moved on, and heading to Bolder with the rest of Mother Abigail's followers.

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    Middle Earth. honestly I haven't read Narnia and remember only a bit of the movie, but, wasn't it always snowy? meh. Hogwarts is beautiful but it's just a castle. Middle Earth is grand and enchanting!

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    Narnia- spend a day in a world of fantasy and ride unicorns and meet a talking lion.

    M.E.- Be in a group of fighters who want to destroy a powerful ring. That'd be cool.

    Hogwarts- Magic!!!!

    Of all of them, Narnia would be the least violent and bloody. Okay, It's Narnia!

  • Anonymous
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    Hogwarts by miles. Dumbledore's there, so everyone is safe. Most of the teachers are ace, and you learn really cool magic.

    However this is just my opinion, and I am a Harry Potter nerd :3

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    That would be so cool. I'd want to visit the hobbits.

    Plus, there'd be so much more to do there. I don't know about you, but I don't want to spend one day going to school with complete strangers. And Narnia is scary.

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    Narnia. I was going to say Hogwarts, but there wouldn't be much point in spending just one day at a huge school. Plus I'm a muggle.

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    While I love all three, I agree with you; I'd love a tour of Middle-Earth! Tolkien's world is the most complex of the three and I'd really like to see it up close and personal. (Hopefully with no Nazgul around! lol!)

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    Do doubt, no thought definetly HOGWARTS! I mean the stair cases move, the pictures move and talk and you get to wear pretty amazing robes and carry pretty awesome wands who wouldnt want to be there :)

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    Hogwarts. the other two can't compare to the magic and mystery of Hogwarts.

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