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how can my company apply for the work opportunity tax credit in florida?

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    read more of the P.D.F file at the wed site listed below

    Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation

    Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

    User’s Guide to the

    Electronic WOTC Application Process

    1. Introduction

    This document is intended to provide general information about Florida’s new electronic Work

    Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) application process to employers in Florida. Section 3 includes

    information of interest to larger employers and their tax credit consultants who submit numerous

    WOTC applications on a regular basis.

    2. General Questions

    2.1 What is e-WOTC?

    Florida’s electronic WOTC (“e-WOTC”) application process is a paperless alternative to the

    traditional WOTC application process which requires employers to mail original, signed

    copies of IRS Form 8850 and 9061 and supporting documentation to their State

    Workforce Agency. Florida’s new e-WOTC process eliminates the need for paper

    documents to be mailed to and from the Agency for Workforce Innovation (AWI).

    2.2 Is it mandatory that I use e-WOTC?

    No. Employers and consultants who wish to continue using the traditional application

    process may do so.

    2.3 Who can use e-WOTC?

    As of September 15, 2010, any business that employs workers in the State of Florida (or

    any tax credit consultant that holds power of attorney for an employer) may use the eWOTC process, provided that they have requested and been approved for a website


    2.4 How do I request a website account?

    The website account request form is available at

    After completing the form you will be asked to print, sign, and return a security

    agreement before your account is approved. For more information, please contact

    Florida’s WOTC Coordinator, Gloria Harrison, at (850) 921-3299. Once your account is

    approved, you may login to the website through the following link:

    2.5 What technology is required to use e-WOTC?

    In order to use the e-WOTC process you need access to the following:

    A computer that is connected to the Internet

    Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 or above Web browser

    Adobe Reader version 7 or above (free download)

    Document scanning capability


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    Work Opportunity Tax Credit Florida

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