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What are some good touchdown cheers?

I need cheers....

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    we want another one (team name) score 6 more

    down the field, down the field. (team name) let's score

    s-c-o-r-e, score 6 more

    i'll edit if i can think of any more :)

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    my favorite touchdown chant is:

    go go go for a touchdown (x5)

    the motions are:

    go: left arm is bent at elbow across your body with right arm straight up

    go: left arm is extended out to the side & right arm is down beside your body

    go:left arm is bent at elbow across body again with right extended to the side

    for a: left arms is extended out & right arm is bent at elbow across body

    touch: in touchdown motion with arms straight up by your ears

    down: clean both arms are straight down tight against your body

    your hands should be in blades the whole time.

    its a really cute chant when you get it down and you repeat it 5 times. Hope i helped!!

    Source(s): cheerleader for 5 years.
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