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tanning vs skin bleaching?

Ok guys I just want to know why is it conceded to be ok for whit people (mainly females) to be able to tan and dye their hair but when it comes to ethnic women bleaching their skin and relaxing their hair it’s a major issue. Do people not see that as a dabble standard? It’s the same thing. They are all enhancing their appearances

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  • Karen
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    4 years ago

    they are both pointless. Why is it seen as bad to be pale. Im very pale and admit trying fake tan before because everyone else tans or wears fake tan and in magazines they are always saying oh pale and ugly, pale and unhealthy looking. Now i just like being pale, though i cant find makeup to match. And skin bleaching is dangerous and pointless too, there is no perfect, right skin colour. The colour you are born with is the colour you are meant to be, no point wasting time and money to change it to what the media tell you is right, its just to make money out of people.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I do agree with your statement, both parties ( white and black) try to achieve the desired skin tone and hair texture, which is tanned and wavy. This is what is protrayed as 'sexy''hot''beautiful'... And so on. White people try to tan while dark people try to lighten. The reason it's such a big deal black people lighten their skin is because it seems like they're not happy with their skin color and they're racist against their own color. While when white people tan, it's shown as natural because it's just the sun, and people go and play in the sun all the time. But when black people do they're not doing anything natural by using products, they're going over the boundery to achieve it whilst white people aren't. They're just going outside.

    Source(s): I'm mixed
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