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Is it okay to allow one dog on the couch and not the other? ?

I've had my first dog for two years who doesn't shed hair so i don't mind her on the couch however we just got a new dog and she sheds hair everywhere so I don't want her on the couch. Is it okay to allow one and not the other??

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    Yes. This is an absolutely ok thing to do with dogs. All the people that keep saying No, imagine if you did that to kids is the complete wrong thinking. Dogs aren't kids. much as our pets are like our "children" they are not actual children. Dogs are pack animals and they will quickly learn their place in the pack, even if it means lower than the other dog.

    The other dog will definitely have a more difficult time learning she can't be on the couch because one is allowed, but that doesn't mean she won't. You are the pack leader, and you establish the pecking order of your animals, not the other way around. It would also be helpful to make her her own spot, one where the other dog isn't allowed that she can call her very own, this can even be just a couple of pillows wrapped up in a blanket so she has somewhere special she can go that the furniture dog can't.

    The neglect aspect however is very real. it is important that if one dog is not allowed on the furniture that you are making sure to get down on the floor with her to spend some quality face to face time. You don't want her feeling like she never gets any attention BECAUSE she isn't allowed on the couch, that is when you are going to cause problems between the animals themselves.

    This doesn't just extend to this either, I will often give one dog a treat and not the other because the one did something and the other thinks it can get one just because I'm there handing them out. However, telling the dog it gets nothing because it did nothing doesn't send it off pouting, it might wait for the other dog to abandon the treat, but that's just the scavenger nature, not a matter of jealousy.

    Source(s): Moved in with to this exact situation, my dog is allowed on the furniture, the dog that lived here already is not, when we moved in, he thought he was because mine was, but learned this was not the case (same exact reason, he sheds like crazy, my shih tzu doesn't.) The dogs love each other greatly because they both recieve adequate human interaction but know they have different sets of rules. Which they will even abide by when nobody is home, as is evident by not having to vacuum the couch for black hairs all over it when he's left home all day.
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    If the owner is someone a dog or in this instance dogs, look up to as a firm fair & calm leader who controls every aspect of their lives, then they will respect the authority of the human who ranks above them in the household, & new dog will not get on the couch - at least when you are there.

    Privileges should be given/restricted at the leader's discretion & not demanded by the dog.

    I would opt for a dog couch with both are allowed on or no dogs on the couch. If the new dog is the more dominant of the two in temperament if would perceive the dog with access to a high value resource – couch time – as ranking below it. In the interest of canine pack harmony better to have no dogs on the couch.

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    it will make the other dog jealous and might make then get into a fight over you or the couch.

    dont let either of the dogs on the couch or both and just hoover up the hair left behind.

    or as was said some people just let the dogs have an old armchair they dont want or get them a little bed and put that on the couch.

    - Maddii :) x x x x

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    You could really upset the dog that cant go on the couch!! They have feelings too, you know!! Dont allow either on the couch or be the Crazy Dog Lady and buy them their OWN couch. Just saying

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  • I don think it's a problem. I have a 60 pound Siberian Husky and a Yorkie. The Yorkie is allowed because he is smaller and doesn't shed. King doesn't mind he just pull his blanket to the front of the couch and lie there. Dogs don't see and feel the same ways that humans do. I thinks that's what alot of people get the emotions from that he other dog will be sad or jealous I debt think that other really care

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    This is a problem also in our house as my husband lets our dog sleep in our bed, the reality is they do carry germs and parasites and it is really not good to have a dog on your bed if our vet found out he would be furious, you have a different problem however you need to discuss this with your boyfriend and make him aware of your concerns, the dog should not feel like he has a higher status than you in the house and you are pregnant you are right to have concerns. I would suggest that you talk it over with him explain that you understand he has a close bond with his dog and you don't want to appear demanding but that it is in the interest of your new baby that he does not sleep in the bed as you are pregnant and they do carry parasites that could be very dangerous to you, not to mention that he should perhaps stay at ground level as he could jump on you and cause you injury. Try the softly softly approach with him show him the concern is your new family not a grudge against the dog, good luck.

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    Get The Other Dog One Of Those Big Dog Beds

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    Yes, provided that the dog you allow on the couch is the higher ranking of the two. If not, then no.

    It is perfectly normal for a higher ranking dog to have more privileges, but give more privileges to the lower ranking dog and you will be asking for trouble.

  • Yes of course you can allow one and not the other. Dogs do not think in terms of fair and not fair. Out of 6 dogs I have one that is not allowed on furniture. She has a very oily coat. She has a very comfy bed at my feet by the couch. When humans stop putting human emotions on our dogs that will be the day we have healthy rounded dogs.

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    Yes- dogs don't understand "fair". That is a human concept. I have 8 dogs and two couches. Two dogs are allowed on both couches and all dogs are allowed on the other one. They all know which couches they can and can't sit on.

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