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Pregnant and getting kicked out. Help?

Hello I'm a 19 year old girl living in NYC I go to college and I currently live with my mother I've been hiding my pregnancy from her because I was taking summer classes and I didnt want to be kicked out in the middle of the summer semester. I'm 4 months pregnant and my mother basically made me choose between an abortion, living with my boyfriend or living else were the point is that I can't be here anymore. I don't want to live with my boyfriend because his house is too packed his sister just gave birth and she moved into his house with his other sister and her kids so you can already imagine how it is, it's not going to work out.. 2 homeless pregnant women and there just isn't any room. Ive already decided to go through the shelter system in hopes that in the near future they'll help me with housing or whatever else it is they do. I need help and advice I don't know where to begin or what shelter should I go to what documents do I bring with me or proof of me being kicked out because my mom is serious she doesn't want me here with a a kid as a matter of fact she wants me out before I start showing.. The fall semester starts Aug 29. I want to be settled before then help please. And please no negative comments.. Thank you

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    Check out Ali Forney Center-The transitional housing program is aimed at providing longer-term housing for up to two years while residents pursue the educational and vocational


    Community Access Inc.-Low Income Housing Program

    low income housing · javascript enabled

    "Our programs include over 1000 units of supportive and transitional housing in three boroughs, the Howie T. Harp Peer Advocacy Center, East Village

    let someone very close care for your child once born and find a transitional housing that will allow you to take up skilled training as a nurse or ect

    heres more

    Covenant House

    460 West 41st Street, New York, NY

    (212) 613-0300 ‎ · covenanthouse.org

    Category: Social Services Organization

    4 reviews

    "Unlike the negative reviewer, on August 15, 2009 I was volunteer with CHNY. ..."

    Episcopal Social Services

    305 7th Ave # 2, New York, NY

    (212) 886-5626 ‎ · essnyc.org

    ess · seventh avenue

    job training

    New York Jobs

    444 West 5th Avenue, New York, NY

    (314) 515-2036 ‎ · careerjobs.bizland.com

    full time · seekers · part time · project management · technician

    "on the job training and participates in departmental training programs for Animal Care Staff leading to AALAS... certifications; provides emergency back up ..." - careerjet.com

    American Bartending School

    252 W 29th St, New York, NY

    (212) 594-8550 ‎ · barschool.com

    12 reviews

    job placement · wine cooler · cocktail drink · instructor · drink recipe

    "I choose the school because it was featured in a CBS news story on television about quick job

    training. I wasn't disappointed. I liked the hands on training ..." - citysearch.com

    Non-Traditional Employment

    243 West 20th Street, New York, NY

    (212) 627-6252 ‎ · new-nyc.org

    Category: Employment Training Service

    blue collar · job training · training programs · apprenticeship · construction workers

    "Apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job-training and classroom studies in which workers learn the practical and theoretical aspects of a highly ..." - new-nyc.org

    Dress For Success

    130 West 30th Street, New York, NY

    (212) 545-3769 ‎ · dressforsuccess.org

    job interview · low income women · disadvantaged women · career development · providing professional attire

    "Women are referred to the group by job training programs, homeless shelters, educational groups and other organisations after a job interview has been ..." - mindfood.com


    16 E 34th St # 19, New York, NY

    (212) 532-3200 ‎ · mdrc.org

    research assistant · barriers to employment · high school reform · low-wage workers · demonstration

    "The author of numerous articles and several books, Bloom has been a principal investigator of four major randomized experiments: the National Job Training ..." - mdrc.org

    Midtown Community Court

    314 West 54th Street, New York, NY

    (646) 264-1300 ‎ · courtinnovation.org

    Category: Court, Job Training, Midtown, New York, Social Services, Crime, Youth

    health counseling · service agencies · prostitution · behavior

    National Security T&P

    106 w28th street, New York, NY

    (212) 929-8030 ‎ · nationalsecuritytp.com

    3 reviews

    "Sixteen Hour On the Job Training in the field of Security defining the Code of Ethics, Report Writing, Laws, Legal Powers and Limitations dealing with ..." - nationalsecuritytp.com

    Department of Social Services

    109 East 16th Street, New York, NY

    (212) 835-7979 ‎

    food stamps · temporary assistance · home care · public assistance · foster care

    "The Schenectady County Summer Youth Employment Program provides youths ages 14-24 with a unique opportunity to gain meaningful on-the-job training ..." - schenectadycounty.com

    DGA Training Program

    1697 Broadway # 600, New York, NY

    (212) 397-0930 ‎ · dgatrainingprogram.org

    motion picture industry · second assistant directors · qualification · production managers · contract administration

    "This is a two year program consisting of up to 350 days of on-the-job training combined with seminars and special assignments. A rotation system places ..." - dgatrainingprogram.org

    Source(s): I went to google maps typed in, transitional housing, and job training. Whoever posted this question I hope it helps, and God blesses
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    johnathon thomas......I just wanted to say EXCELLENT answer!!

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