Will hydrocodone show up in my drug test ?

I have a hair follicle drug test and a few weeks ago I took 2.5 pills I am wondering if this miniscule amount will show up

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  • 9 years ago
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    You will probably be okay.

    First: Hair follicle tests cannot pick up drug useage 3 to 10 days prior to the test. This is due to the hair not growing through the scalp in time to be taken for the sample.

    Head hair grows a half inch per month plus or minus a few tenths of an inch. If your hair grows really fast it may only take 3 days to go from the bulb, where metabolites are collecting, to then grow past the scalp, whereby it can be taken to be used in the sample; if your hair grows really slow, that process could take 10 days.

    Second: The sample that is collected contains between 30 to 70 strands of hair. No matter how long your hair is, the $5 an hour employee who cuts your hair puts all of it in a sealed bag. At the lab, the $7.50 an hour tech measures and cuts hair to one and a half inches from base and throws the rest out. The one and a half inches is tested; with a possible detection time of 3 to 4 months, depending on how slow your hair grows.

    Third: In order to fail, they must get concentrations above the cut off level; so even if they detect trace amounts you will still PASS if the amount of concentration level is lower than the cut off.

    Four: Extremely small amounts of metabolites get trapped in the hair bulb as the hair cells are forming. And they do not get trapped evenly; at random, some hairs get more, some get less, and some get none at all trapped in the hair strand.

    Statistically when they get 30 to 70 hair strands the lab's odds are greater to get a hit than if they only had one strand to test. And the lab is at the nanogram level so they don't need much. But depending on which drug they are testing for, the amount has to exceed that level or you pass.

    Hair drug tests are not good at picking up low dose or infrequent use; and drug test companies often times hate to admit that, but other hair drug test companies freely do admit that it is one of their weaknesses (and it's about their only weakness).

    I am not advocating that this means you are guaranteed to pass if you only popped one to three pills or smoked weed one to three times during detection period; but you are more likely to pass than fail. Once you go beyond 2 or 3 times during detection period; you will almost always fail. The odds of a fail continue to increase the more you did drugs in detection zone. (With marijuana its harder to calculate because much depends on quality and how much you inhaled.)

    The smartest call you can make is not to do any drugs in detection zone prior to an upcoming hair test; but if it's too late then you might still be safe if you kept your drug usage during detection period to a minimum.

    Too many false answers claiming guaranteed to fail or hair tests goes back 20 years, or they can pick up what you had for breakfast 40 years ago. Or the one I love the most is; it doesn't matter how short short your hair is because they still detect back 3 years. I guess these people think, your old hair tells the newly born hair what drugs you did years ago and just passes the information along from generation to generation of hair.

    The test cannot detect metabolites if there aren't any in sample. If your head hair sample is a half inch long, your detection time is 2 to 6 weeks.

    If your head hair is less than an inch and a half long, they are often authorized to take body hair. Body hair grows at slower rate and could, but not often, but could detect drug use up to a year back. It is not to your advantage to give them body hair, so don't shave your head just before the test. You are risking potentially longer detection times and more unpredictable results.

    Below are three sites that explain this hair test in more detail. Keep in mind that all 3 are trying to sell you their products so they slant their information a bit.




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  • 4 years ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    Will hydrocodone show up in my drug test ?

    I have a hair follicle drug test and a few weeks ago I took 2.5 pills I am wondering if this miniscule amount will show up

    Source(s): hydrocodone show drug test: https://shortly.im/Pu7g9
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  • Kate
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    4 years ago

    I can t believe how uninformed people are about this topic. Literally everyone who has posted an answer is wrong. Literally every single one. Hydrocodone WILL NOT show up as an opiate on a standard drug test. This is a fact. Why, you might ask? Because they look for morphine on a standard drug test for opiates, and only heroin, morphine, and codeine metabolize to morphine. Literally ALL of the semi-synthetic opioids (which are different from natural opiates) like hydrocodone, oxycodone, dilaudid, fentanyl, etc. DO NOT show up as opiates on a standard opiate test, because they do not metabolize to morphine. For example: Hydrocodone (vicodin) metabolizes to: hydrocodone, hydromorphone, and norhydrocodone. The only way to test positive for hydrocodone is to look for those metabolites in the urine. Not morphine, since it won t be there. Oxycodone metabolizes to: oxyocodone, oxymorphone, and noroxycodone. The only way to test positive for oxycodone is to look for those metabolites in the urine. Not morphine, since it won t be there. So again, the answer to your question is a resounding NO. Hydrocodone simply does not show up on a drug test as an opiate - it has to be tested for separately, as do pretty much all of the semi-synthetic opioids that don t metabolize to morphine or codeine.

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  • 4 years ago

    Thank you for actually posting something with accuracy. I am in the same boat at the person. That posted this question so I have spent hours researching the topic. All of the major labs like quest and labcorps offer 5,7,9 and 10 panel tests that check for opiates that covert to codeine and morphine. This is the type of test that 90% of employees currently use. They use this test because of cost and because of the American Disability's Act. Potentially somebody could be discriminated against for using RX pain killers at work so companies prefer to avoid the topic. The one thing that will absolutely screw you is if your prospective employer orders a 5-10 panel test that states "with extended opiate panel." If the test States that you are in trouble

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  • 9 years ago

    No... You're fine. Please be smart though... taking drugs that aren't prescribed to you isn't a safe thing. I know they give you a nice little buzz, but is it really worth the trouble you could bring upon yourself?

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