high school fashion? for 2011?

what i'm wondering is in high school (i'm loser freshmeat x) hehehehohohoho)


like on the shoulder etc etc

or jansport

i'm actually planning to get this



and what did you wear in high school?

also any trends? stuff like florals, scarves what kind of scarves, favorite outfitts.... please? tyyy

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  • 9 years ago
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    Hey im a freshmeat to (: haha but my older sister is a junior in high school and she told me some fashion tips(: .

    I would go with the blue just because plain color backpacks are in. Were i live everbody has either a white jansport black jansport or navy blue jansport. Or a cute little tote bag or purse would be cute. (:

    For clothes florals are totally in(: . Good places to get florals is hollisterco.com ; they have really cute floral clothing(: , dont do the graphic tshirts from hollister, abercrombie , or aeropostale because they are out of style(: . Button up tshirts from hollister are cute with a matching colored tanktop, or crop tops from tillys.

    You can add scarves but for my sister she said scarves are a little too much but if you did want to wear one dont over do it with too much jewlery.

    Keep it natural with the makeup(:

    Flats , and sandals are in(: . A good place to get cute sandals is like at tillys or payless or if you have a traffic shoe store in your local mall or wherever.

    Stores that my sister shops at are ; forever 21 , hollister , abercrombie , and h&m (:

    I hope my sisters tips help(:

    Source(s): My sister(; (a junior)
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    9 years ago

    Scarves and florals are really in right now, as well as dresses. I'd suggest some flats, sandals other than flip-flops, sneakers (at least a pair for gym), and probably some boots for winter although you have a few months before you should have to worry about that.

    Judging by the backpacks in your links, I'm not sure if your style is more girly or edgy, and I don't mean to insult your personal style by saying this but I personally like the blue one more. The black one seems like it's more on the younger side.

    For stores to get pretty fashionable yet decently priced clothes I'd recommend Forever 21, Marshalls or TJMAxx, American Eagle, Charlotte Russe, and Old Navy for basics.

    As far as hair I'd suggest Seventeen magazine, but not really their clothes because they get rather...wacky.

    Source(s): I'm an upperclassman
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