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How to hire a web developer?

Our company is looking to hire a web developer to maintain two of our companies major retailing websites. One will host thousands of products being sold direct to customer, the other hosting information on products to be sold wholesale to retailers.

Both sites are already live, built by a 3rd party company. Now that our implementation contract is up we'd like to take future maintenance in house. I've been given the responsibility of hiring a talented web developer that can work in our office with the rest of the team. I have an MIS degree and have done some hobby web development but do not have the talent I think this position will require.

What I am asking for is help on what criteria to look for while hiring. What are key questions to ask to make sure we acquire great talent? What is the appropriate college degree? anything to help weed out those who are newbs or intermediate and find those who truly love and might be good at web development.

We need this person to be able to manage product updates, add features, troubleshoot issues, and manage both websites. We would also need the person to manage SEO, manage traffic statistics, and help us improve the website and business on the website.

If you have links to any good 'interview tests' or important questions to be asked, along with answers, I'd appreciate the help. We really want to make sure the gap we need is filled.

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  • kelsey
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    9 years ago
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    I would focus on the web development skillset first.

    Degrees are not as important as actual skillset. Many of the most talented designers are self-taught through reverse engineering. Look for the ability to constantly learn new techniques as web development is ever changing. I would make sure you view everyone's portfolio's and ask questions regarding their ability to research and learn. Also make sure that they hand-code as opposed to using some sort of WSYWIG program. Make sure they legitimately "write code".

    For the SEO work, you could have your own In-House training program. There is a really good SEO Training Program that gives you an organized program for someone to follow - it includes training, checklists, and setting up and SEO Maintenance Plan. Anyone with basic html skills can use the program:

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  • My suggestions are that you look for an SEO Pro who have experience in web design and development. Since both sites are online, the most important is getting maximum traffic. So, SEO and marketing will be important here...

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    While you are planning to hire a web developer who can handle multiple projects, I would suggest search for people who are equipped with good project management capabilities and who are having experience in software development. This will help in gaining technical expertise as well as progect management expertise.

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  • Sam
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    9 years ago

    I would recommend a computer science major, BA or BS degree and 5 years experience (or more) in the field need. You need to determine how much work is needed to see if a consultant is best, etc.

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