First time mommies :)?

I am a first time mommy and expected to deliver in november and i am scared to death! It just looks soo painful! Is it as bad as it looks or how was it for you guys? and also how long does it take to recover after the baby is born?

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    9 years ago
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    Normal to feel nervous about the process (hollywood doesn't put us at ease does it - with their "SCREAMING" !) - and it's not like hollywood portrays :-) But how about preparing for it - like a marathon runner prepares her mind and her body for the event - pregnant women should do the same, in preparation for the event - breathing exercises and meditation etc. If you think this is not you (hippy meditation stuff), then the pain relief options are there so you'll be ok either way you choose. Recovery depends on many things - vaginal birth you should bounce back quickly if you are healthy/strong/fit already - c/s birth might take a bit longer - took me 6 weeks to feel good. Start reading and learning - knowledge is power and then you wont feel so scared xo

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    What you're experiencing is completely normal!

    Obviously all birth experiences are different - some are pretty bad, but I'd bet most aren't nearly as awful as people make them out to be. My labor and delivery were quite easy. My water broke around 10AM and my daughter was born by 6PM. I only pushed for a few minutes.

    It is painful.. It got rough toward the end but I opted for the epidural, so once I received that, it was smooth sailing for the rest of labor and birth. Right before I received it, the pain was getting pretty unbearable, but you just have to remember it won't last forever.

    Recovery was fairly quick. I had to get a couple stitches, which was worse than the actual birth part for me. (Teaching hospital - I swear it was her first time stitching anyone up!) That made recovery a little uncomfortable, but it's really not so bad. You'll do just fine. Don't stress about it too much, it's over before you know it and then you'll have a whole new set of worries and a beautiful little baby to love and take care of :)

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    Having a baby is called "Labor" for a reason. I never understood how a woman could go through so much pain and how people say you forget. Then I had my 1st, 2nd and 3rd children all with different labors and deliveries. There are pain medications available to use which might be a good thing to research since that seems to be concerning for you. I suggest going to a Lamaze class though, as I did and it was very beneficial to me. Once you hold that precious new life in your arms part of you will kind of forget what you went through, at least at that moment. It takes about 6 weeks for your body to fully recover, at least physically. That's what the doctors say, but I often felt better way before that. Within a few days to a week I was back to my normal activities. Everybody is different though.

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    Well 4 me it was a pretty horrible but amazing experience. I would definitely go through it again. :) I was induced at 38 weeks bc they were concerned that she was measuring 33 weeks and was very small. So I was given the pill 2 thin out my cervix and 12 hours later I was given the pitocine 2 start the contractions and once they started the doc broke my water with a long rode which was pretty painful. I was left very uncomfortable bc they just let all the blood and fluid drain on the towels and pads I was lying on and it just felt really disgusting. So once the contractions started getting really bad and non stop I did ask 4 a pain med 2 be inserted n2 my IV and that only made things soooo much worse as it made me feel super super high, dizzy, hot, and really sweaty and even made me throw up. At 8cm I decided 2 get the epidural bc I was just a horrible mess and everything got %100 better. I pushed my 4lbs 130z baby out no problem, didn't feel any pain except 4 when she came out completely and tore the inside wall of my vagina which required only 3 stitches. YES recovery was HORRIBLE!!! My back was killing me once the epi wore off, the tear hurt so BAD I couldn't walk and sitting was terrible and peeing made me cry a few times! My butt hurt really bad as well I guess bc she was pressing down on it while coming out and I couldn't take the narcos 4 pain bc I was having bad reactions 2 them and was only given ibuprofen bc I was breastfeeding which did nothing 4 the pain. My boobs hurt so bad as well bc I wasn't experienced at it and didn't have the baby latched on correctly which made the nipples super swollen, red and purple and even bleed! I hated feeding but knew I had 2 4 my baby, I wanted her 2 gain and be healthy altho she had no health issues at all was just born small. Also breastfeeding not only hurt my boobs but also gave me pretty bad craps from contracting the uterus. I bled 4 about 5 weeks very lightly and now 8 weeks later I still feel alittle pain in my vagina and still haven't had sex but Im pretty sure everything is all good. Don't worry yes it is all very painful but u will have ur beautiful baby and u wont care that it hurt so bad bc u will love it sooooo MUCH. My daughter is everything 2 me and I am so happy that I went through all that pain 2 have her. If that's what it takes 2 have a beautiful baby it's all worth it. Good luck and congrats! :)

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  • 9 years ago

    A lot depends on how you deliver, whether you use pain medication, what your pain threshold is, etc. The best thing you can do to allay your fears is to educate yourself! I had a baby November last year, and I had the same fears as you. I found that taking a childbirth class was exceptionally helpful to me. It might be for you too. But whatever happens, don't worry! You'll make it through and be so happy when you're holding your sweet little miracle in your arms.

    Good luck!

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    Ok, i became a first time mum 3 weeks ago te my beautiful little boy. Let of tell you, it is no walk in the park. I actually thought it was worse than i expected, but that's just me. I had gas to start with, then had a pethadine shot, neither worked for the pain. I am sorry to tell you, it is a terrible pain, but as everyone says, the minute they put your baby on your chest, the pain is totally forgotten about. All you can think about is how perfect he/she is and you won't be able to take your eyes off them.

    If you go in there prepared for the pain, don't be afraid to take the drugs, you will be fine. You can do it, as millions of woman before you have. Congratz and good luck xoxox

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  • I think every woman carrying a child has been scared/nervous at some point. I was nervous too, but surprisingly, I wasn't scared or nervous during actual labor.

    First of, I think every woman should educate herself about pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum. When I just got pregnant, I watched a video called "The Business of Being Born" it completely changed my life and my views. Its a video explaining about natural childbirth. I highly recommend it.

    Next, I bought a book called "Pregnancy Day By Day" I liked it since the whole book is filled with pictures (I am a visual person) and its pretty straight forward.

    My husband and I also took childbirth classes.

    Early on we decided I was going to have a natural water birth at our nearby birthing center.

    At 41 weeks I went into labor, first I started having contractions, then lost my mucous plug, then started having bloody show, eventually started leaking amniotic fluid and after 2 hours of pushing, gave birth in the water to my beautiful baby boy. Total labor time 48 hours.

    Labor is going to be painful, its going to be overwhelming at times, and you might feel like it will be the end of the world, BUT with LOTS of physical and emotional support from your loved one and whoever else is going to be near you, you will be able to do it, I promise. I was the biggest chicken in the world lol but I had natural unmedicated labor, and so can you. If you are going to birth in the hospital, I highly recommend you hire a Doula, its a woman who supports laboring mom in any way she needs.

    Since I had natural birth in one small tear, I was feeling pretty great right away, just exhausted from labor. I think it took about 2 weeks for the tear to heal.

    If you end up with tearing and/or stitches, use squirt bottle filled with warm water and sea salt when you pee. Also do sitz bath every day.

    Good Luck

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    I won't lie to you child birth is painful! If anyone tells you different then they are lying. But pain can be managed with drugs, meditation, and hypnobirthing. I gave birth to my first son in a hospital with an epidural. It was one of the most frustrating experiences in my life. My eldest son was born at 33 weeks. When my eldest son was 4 months old I became pregnant with my second son. I decided to have him as naturally as I could. But he too decided to come out early at 34 weeks. But I labored with him 100% naturally. I had him after 38 hours of labor. No drugs, no interference, and I had a doula with me this time. Two years later I gave birth to my daughter. She was born at 36 weeks. I had her in a birthing tub, no drugs, no frustration, no intereference, and I had a midwife this time.

    With each birth it took me about 4 weeks to feel 'normal'. I didn't breast feed my children, because I chose not to. My cycles usually came back within in 2-3 months after I gave birth. Those first few days after birth you're going to fee like a train wreck. But with adequate sleep, good post natal care, and help you should be good to go within a few weeks. But take it easy, and don't over do it. My best advice as a mom of 3, is to prepare your household before you deliver.


    1: Meal planning: You can always plan menus for a couple of months, shop according to that menu. And you can alway cook casseroles, lasagne, and other things. All you have to do is warm it up.

    2: Get Organized: You want to make sure that you have your household organized. Get those bills on automatic debit from your accounts. Set up the babies nursery, and get that organized.

    3: Take it one day at a time: Just relax and enjoy your baby. They are only little once.

    Good luck & congrats.

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  • 9 years ago

    relax! its not so bad! I had my daughter this past february, and i had a completely natural, medication free birth, and it really isnt so bad! I went into labor at 10pm after being induced due to pre eclampsia. 9am the next morning my water broke and i was 5cm dialated. 10am, i was 9cm dialated. started pushing at 10am, and at 2:06 i had my daughter! i pushed for a LOOONG time, but it really wasnt so bad. the worst thing was my back hurting so bad from pushing... and i had to have an episiotomy too, which i didnt even feel...

    recovery is another story. i would rather experience birth again, then have to go through recovery! lol. it hurts to wipe. and i'm going to tell you something that everybody seemed to forget to mention to me when i got pregnant--the first few times you have to go #2, IT WILL HURT!!! deffinately take a laxative or stool softener. that was worse than giving birth.

    but, having a beautiful daughter made it all worth it for me, and i'm sure your baby will make it all worth it for you as well :)

    my only piece of advice, is to get a doula. spend the extra money. i can truly say if it wasnt for my doula, i wouldnt have made it through it as well as i did. doula's a truly life savers!

    good luck!!

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    I'll not insult you by lying. My labour was horrible but I promise you by the time they move you from the delivery suite to recovery you will be thinking of nothing else but your wee angel. Good luck you'll be fine x

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