Why will my Jeep not start after running out of gas? it will turn over, ive changed the fuel filter?


I have a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 L Straight 6. So about 2 weeks ago I used Sea Foam in my car, 8 oz in the gas, 4 oz in the oil and 4 oz down the throttle body. Ok I did not know but I was supposed to change my oil out after 40 miles and maximum 100 miles. I also haven't done a complete oil change in about a year which I know is very stupid but for about 6 months out of the time the car was not in use and in the mean time I have added quarts of oil from time to time because I have a oil leak and I have changed my filter a few times. The about a week ago I noticed a sound when I opened my door coming from the passenger side of the dash and it would cut off when I started the car. The next day I noticed my alternator was only charging at about 12 volts. So I had been charging my battery at night because I knew I would be OK as long as I didn't turn on my lights or use the radio. But I did change the connection coming from my battery to my body to ground it out, I had problems with this ground before. But that didnt fix it but I noticed the other side had got messed up so I redid the connection of the ground to my battery but that still didnt fix it.f But now my car ran out of gas. Then I went and put a gallon in, didnt start. Added 2 more gallons didnt start. Changed my fuel filter and it still didnt start. During trying to start my car my starter came lose and I had to figure that out and fix that. So my car is back to turning over just not starting. I went through and checked all my fuses and I filed them down to make sure I was getting a good connection. My fuse to the inside lights was blown at one time and I replaced with 5 amps higher because that was all I had. This is the third day my car has been broke down, so I have done alot and tried different things that is why I have alot of information. Last night the fuse to my inside lights blew but instead of it being the fuse inside of the car in the instrument panel it was the fuse under my hood in the fuse block. My radio was stolen not to long ago which the wires touching gave me problems before and I had fixed that but I went ahead and taped up and cut each end with electric tape and taped up my antenna connection just to make sure to rule that out. I know I have some kind of short or grounding issue which is why my car isnt charging right and why my fuses are blowing. I have also tried jumping my car a couple of times just to rule out it not getting enough power to start but I can tell by the sound that it does have enough power to start. My check engine light has been on, for months, i am not sure why but it hasnt caused me any actual problems that why I have not fixed it. I am a poor college student that is trying to pay his way through college and I dont really have any help because my father has died and my mom cant help too much. So since I put that sea foam in my gas and oil. I think when I ran out of gas there was even more build up that got sucked down and Im not sure how much passed through my filter. Then on the oil side I was supposed to change it out after 40 miles and I did not know that and not changing it for the last year has just made it even worse. So I think the sea foam breaking down all the build up might of caused it to clog somewhere so oil isnt getting to it so my engine isnt lubricated so it isnt allowing it to run smooth enough to charge. That is why I think my starter screws came loose because it was pushing so hard and the engine wasnt turning right. I did the sea foam thing because I am trying to get my 95 Jeep to pass emissions for my inspection. So how should I do a oil change? If there is a clog how am I going to get it unclogged? I was I could empty my oil, run a quart through it, and then put some more sea foam and like 2 quarts in there and try starting my car to turn my engine over so the sea foam could unclog the oil clog, and then emptying that out and run another quart through and then fill it up with oil and change the filter. What do you think about that? And then I believe it might not be receiving gas because of me running out of gas and all of that grime got pumped into the system and using the sea foam broke down the particles down even smaller and broke off more particles off my tank so it just really added to the grime or sludge that just got sucked into my engine. Again im not sure how much got passed my fuel filter. So what should I do about that? That gas that I have added I went ahead and added 93 just to help. I was thinking to unplug the hose to my filter and try to empty the fuel that coming from my engine not my tank. How else should I do that and what else should I do to clean it out and what else should I check for clogging or how can I tell if my engine is getting gas and if it is exploding or not. Please help me. All of your help is much needed and I am very thankful.

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  • 8 years ago
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    contact me through yahoo mail if you need more info but first things to check

    1. your check engine light was most likely for a failing Crankshaft position sensor, this sensor tells the injectors when to fire, so if it is not functioning correctly, your engine will crank and crank and fill with gas but will not catch.

    2) take the cap off the shraeder valve (cap that looks like a bike tire valve cover) with this off press the middle of the valve to see if you have pressure and fuel ready to go into the injectors, after pressing it (GAS WILL SPRAY so be carefull) turn your key to on (one click forward) and you'll hear your fuel pump prime up, go back and press the valve in again to check for fuel, if you have no fuel shoot out then your pump is bad.

    3.) no spark pull a wire from the spark plug and insert a flat screwdriver and hold the rubber handle, with someone cranking the engine hold the exposed metal of the screwdriver near something metal in the engine compartment, check for a clear blue spark, any other condition spark and you have issues which could be

    a. bad coil pack

    b. bad distributor cap/rotor

    c. bad camshaft position sensor (inside distributor)

    quickest and cheapest check is the ASD (auto shut down) relay, it's the same as most of the other relay in your PDC under the hood, switch it with a known good one and try cranking.....the asd stops the engine from firing also, and a relay is 7 bucks

    let me know if you need more ideas

    Source(s): jeep nut....chased no start issues waaaaaay too many times.
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