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Anybody know of a club that is centered around old, but not so old, Fords? Particularly their station wagons?

I've got a 1972 Ford Ranch Wagon and want to restore it. It's been sitting for quite a few years now, but it's all there so I'd like to get it running again. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, a Fellow Ford Lover.

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    There's no specific Ford station wagon club that I've ever heard of but there are Ford clubs that may cater to Ford Custom(the Ranch wagon from 1969-72 was considered a Custom series vehicle as it wasn't it's own model and just a submodel of the Custom) owners like yourself and there is a station wagon association as well.

    If you want a station wagon specific site or club there's the American Station Wagon Owners Association(

    If you want a more Ford specific site which is what I recommend there's no Custom specific club I know of either but there is the Ford Galaxie Club of America(

    It's the closest that you'll come to getting a club that will deal with Ford Customs since the Galaxie and Custom are basically the same fullsize car and share most major parts.

    Good parts suppliers for the Galaxie/fullsize Fords are Dearborn Classics, Dennis Carpenter, AutoKrafters has some parts for 1969-70 which is your bodystyle that ran from 1969-72 but for some reason they only state until 1970 but many of those parts are the same as yours.

    There are also some NOS(new old stock) suppliers out there as well that will sell original Ford parts. NOS selection will be very limited and price will be high so reconditioning any parts you already have will be preferable when possible as fullsize reproduction parts are not widely available and station wagons have even less available. You're working on a car that has very little new parts available as compared to the Mustang which you can practically buy the entire car out of a parts catalog. Basically, only the major parts that are reproduced for the Galaxies will be available for your car as well. If you need something specific to your model that isn't reproduced or available as NOS then you only have your original parts to work with or other used parts from Ebay. Ebay will also have new parts to choose from as well.

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