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Anonymous asked in Home & GardenGarden & Landscape · 9 years ago

Best Flowers to grow in Florida?

I live in Florida and recently saw some flower fields that looked awesome! I wanted to grow them in my own yard, instead of paying money for tickets to see one. What kind of flowers will grow in Florida?I like pretty, colorful flowers and LOVE roses.


Also, I want them to be able to grow in full sun, and not so expensive. Thanks!

Update 2:

As well as that, now Florida has temperatures reaching 97 degrees, so can you please recommend flowers that can width stand that temperature. Anything! Websites, flower names, books, you are welcome to reference. Thanks so much!!!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Phlox grows really well here. There's lots of different kinds, they come in lots of colors. Pinks, purples, white. Those are the beautiful massed flowers on the side of the road. Coreopsis, there's a few kinds of them too. They're yellow, I see fields of them everywhere. Rudebeckia, also yellow and see them mixed in with the coreopsis. Blue elderberry, has white flowers like that of queen annes lace, which also grows well in this blow dryer of a state. Marigold! Out of all the wild flowers they seed seed and grow like crazy with lots of orange blossoms that deter bugs ..... Umm bulbs. If your a gardener in Florida, you soon learn that flowering bulbs are our best friends. Coming back strong every year, amaryllis, hurricane lilies, dahlia, just about any lily.

    It's hot! 90 days down, about 45 more to go.

    This site might help you.

    Good luck.


    Source(s): Crazy about stuff that likes to grow in Florgia.
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Zinnias and Cosmos do well in high temperatures. They can be grown easily from inexpensive seed.

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