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Warranty - Repair time

Hello. My £300 bicycle broke approximately 3 months ago. There is only one faulty part which needs replacement. I went to Halfords (where the bike was bought, still had valid warranty and was insured with them) and they said they would order the part for me and call me back as soon as they got it to come with the bike again and they would fix it there. Unfortunately, I received no calls for another 3 weeks, so I visited them again. I asked why is it taking so long and got told that they were having difficult time there because the shop was undergoing refurbishment and told me to wait another 2-3 days and they would call me to come with the bike. I received no calls again. After another approximately 4 weeks, I went there to complain about the lack of contact. The assistant apologised me and promised the bike would be ready within a week - this time I left the bike with them. Another 2 weeks later, my father (as he was around) went to ask why is it taking so long and they promised the bike would be ready within 2 days. This was last Monday and there was no calls since. I am planning on visiting them again tomorrow and speaking to the manager.

I use my bicycle for transport 3 times a week. Without it, I had to pay for bus tickets £14.40 a week (approximately £150 since the bike broke down). This is half the value of the actual bike. I am very disappointed as I not only have a valid warranty but also paid extra to get the bike insured. What should I do?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Contact Head office & explain everything you have stated, when they answer the phone ask for the person's name, write down the date / time & the persons name & keep it handy, ask for Customers Service & explain to them about the fault also the bad service you have been given, I would also state that you are going to contact Trading Standards as the bike you have purchased has not fulfilled the purpose for it's intention ( for you to ride it) have you kept the bus tickets? do not be put off by their crp & demand that the bike be sorted within a week or you WILL CONTACT Trading Standards.

  • 8 years ago

    Your situation appears to be a common complaint.

    Whilst everyone is looking for the best deal they can get, it is often the case where buying cheap is expensive. Halfords and other discount outlets do not make a lot of money per sale so their after sales tend to suffer. If you go to a Local Bike shop and pay a realistic price then you can expect and receive good support. That is what you are paying for as well as a bike. With some profit they can pay wages and keep you happy in the future.

    Ask for a copy of their complaints procedure for in-store purchases. Their website is specifically for online purchases and complaints.

  • 8 years ago

    If it were me I would definitly go and speak to the manager or even get the number for Halford's head office and speak to someone higher up and if all that fails go to trading standard's or somewhere like that.

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    Halfords Warranty

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    8 years ago

    Ask to see the branch manager. Then ask for the name and phone number of the district or group manager (his boss). Then kick some a r s e.

  • 8 years ago

    make sure you get the names of the people you talk to and time of phone calls.if i was you i talk to trades discriptian threaten them with head office at halfords but get a name (vry important)who you talk to.this is unreasonable and a new bike should be given if they can't get replacement part

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