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What type of shoe is best for fall by TOMS?

Basically what's the best shoe by toms for fall and plz dnt comment saying they are ugly or whatever

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    I personally love shoes so I recommend wearing something like canvas shoes or a pair similar to these

    If you live where it gets chilly, those are perfect for autumn! If you do live somewhere that just stays warm or doesn't get that cold, I would wear something like cordones, in a floral pattern, boots, or wedges. These are all available from Toms. Hope this helps!

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    My glitter Toms are priiime (: But If you're talking about color, fall colors are red, gold, yellow, orange, i like maroon a lot. And just the plain canvas are perfect they're warm an comfortable.

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    a pair of puma shoes(they are super comfortable and you will do something in them).....nicely-enjoyed shoes a pair of apartments(in the colour black,plaid,or gray)possibly one with a buckle on appropriate a pair of uggs(the boot ones no longer those that seem as though slippers)(whether they arent genuine they are going to look super) yet for shoes or outfits PLAID IS in q4 so something with plaid is super i'm hoping this facilitates and function relaxing procuring p.s. maximum of those shoes could be offered at nicely-enjoyed shoes or different shoe vendors

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    i just bought toms kenya stripe botas for fall and i think they're adorable! they're also really, really comfortable.

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    neutral colors, or glitters. i've recently become infatuated with the grosgrain ones (petal) and the glitter ones (black)

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