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help name three moives?

i rember three moives one was a moive abuot a kid no more then 10 he lives in an appartment and live with his mother and grandfather and his mother send him to fet salt crakers ether befor or on his way he sees a boy flying a kit with his dad and on is way a white long bearded floting head apperars and tells him his real id or destiny and runs mom yells a him for geting the wrong crakers gos outside the floting head transport him to another land whare a evil man tarraris the land and the evil mans heart is made of stone: moive two takes place in england a boy is adoppted by his grandfather and tells him a story about a wishing tree and he gos to the tree after a bit he finds a baby dragon thay grow up to gater the boy is now a man with long brown hair and the baby dragon is huge and the local news paper pr taploid sees and wraites about theme:the therd moive i dont rember a lot but it abut a little creature that and eat anything and i saw the thing bit right through an axe in the tralier thats all i rember i hope you guys con help me out iv been looking for a long time ps get back to me quick ok thank you



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    1) The Land of Faraway (1987)

    aka Mio in the Land of Faraway

    aka Mio Min Mio

    starring Nicholas (Nick) Pickard, Christian Bale, Timothy Bottoms, Susannah York, Christopher Lee

    IMDb synopsis: A young boy named Bosse lives in misery with his cruel old aunt and uncle, until one night, he is whisked away to the magical land of Faraway. He finds that his real father is the king, and he is Prince Mio. Along with his friend JumJum, he sets out to defeat the evil knight Kato, and free the children that Kato has enslaved.

    IMDb review: This is a wonderful story about a little boy who is bullied by his peers and hated by his aunt. He is magically transported by a large head emanating from a bottle to a "land of faraway", where he discovers that he is a prince. He gets hold of a magic cape that makes him invisible, along with other magical items like magical bread. He and another child fight the dreaded evil lord who is turning children into birds which must forever circle the castle.

    2) Dragonworld (1994)

    starring Courtland Mead, Andrew Keir, Brittney Powell, Lila Kaye, John Calvin

    IMDb synopsis: Young John McGowan travels to Scotland to live at his grandfather's castle after he loses his parents in a traffic accident. At the wishing tree, he conjures up a dragon friend, Yowler. They grow up together. One day, documentary filmmaker Bob Armstrong and his daughter, Beth, stumble upon Yowler. Hungry for fame and money, Bob convinces John to "rent" Yowler to local unscrupulous businessman Lester McIntyre. John is convinced in part by the offer to have the outstanding taxes on the castle paid off and partly because of his growing interest in Beth. Yowler is miserable in the new theme park built for him, and, when it becomes clear that McIntyre has tricked them in order to exploit the dragon, John and his new friends take action.

    3) Galgameth (1996)

    aka The Legend fo Galgameth

    starring Devin Oatway, Johna Stewart-Bowden and Time Winters

    IMDb synopsis: A young prince frees his people with the help of his family mascot, a small dragon who grows upon eating metal.

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    Ima jss take a guess 2nd movie: Dungeon and Dragons, Dragon Wars, Eragon 3rd movie: Critters

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