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How to audition for YG Entertainment (YGE) ?

Please answer with much detail as possible!

Im really into k-pop, and i just love to sing.

Im teaching myself korean & im american and asian (filipino).

How can i audition for YG ? Is there auditions in california?

What are the most important things for an audition? Do i need a demo?

If i need a demo, do i have to write my own song?

If i get accepted into yg entertainment; what happens next?

do i get flown to korea? do they pay for the ticket?

Since im only 13, am i too young? And, also if i do get in, since im so young will they also pay for my parental guardians ticket?

Do i need to fill out any forms?

More info about me:

I can sing really well, but not AMAZING. I practice literally every day. Im not too good at dancing, but i can work on that. im only about 5'1 and i havent grown in a few months. I used to have an acne problem but i washed my face more often and now its not so bad; but not completely gone. id say i have a bit of a tan. & last but not you think i'd be an "ideal" audition? meaning, do you think i have a chance?


also, please include any info you know about it! and usefull links!(:

& do they have tutors to teach you korean and other important things?

Update 2:

Eeep also what about school ?

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    YG isn't holding any auditions at this time, but it gives you more time to practice. You don't have to write your own song, so using an instrumental would be fine.

    Every company handles traveling and schooling different. Some pay for you to fly to Korea right away, some have you pay your way. No matter what, since you're only 13, you'll go to school while training.

    Here are the forms. <-- Korean <-- English

    Fill out and send the Korean form. Only use the English form as a reference.


    I wish you the best of luck!!

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    Lol don't think I'm A stalker but if u want I'd love it if u friend me on face book I'm Myat Thwin . I hav the pic with curly hair and blue eyes. Sorry I'm just happy to meet someone who actually knows and wants to addition anyway it would be nice if we get in and u know that friend thing Kpop people hav and any way. Sm and jyp both hav global additions and I'm pretty sure yg has them too. Or go to their web cause for ex sm has

    A daily aduation ting cause they hav s company in LA. yg might. And

    13 Is perfect. Don't wear makeup they want natural . Sad to say but u have more chances to get in if u were under weigh. If u weighed alot ur totally out( not cool) .if there's something wrong with ur features u will edvantually hav to go under a knife. If ur not pretty then ull hav to be an expert singer to get in to these companies. And u hav to be really good at Dancing or sing or both to get in. Actually sOme ull hav to pay for the trip. Cause tecknaly ur not in their company yet so yea and if they pay for u thats luck forget about them paying for ur parents. They don't giv u allowance so yea. After u pass the first addition, there's many more. I think 3.reamber to work hard cause u can be kicked out anytime. I wanted to do it too and I'm in the sane situation but as much as I LOV Kpop. Ull die from missing ur family and some actually try to suicide cause it's a hard life. Im trying to go fo sm. If we both do it and get in I hope to see u there in Korea lol best of luck to u manKae. And truly us not being Korean isn't really boosting our chances but u hav to try ur best. FIGHTING!

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    USEFULL link? how bout a direct link to auditions instead ?

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