What is the rating of an average yahoo chess player?

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In social rooms most of the yahoo chess players are between 1100-1300? is it safe to assume than an average yahoo player is within this rating range?
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People start with Yahoo! chess ratings of 1200. From there they fluctuate with results;
so: yes. Assume that the average Yahoo! chess rating is within the 1100-1300 range.


The above Yahoo! chess ratings information has NOTHING AT ALL WHAT-SO-EVER
to do with real and meaningful over-the-board ELO chess ratings at USCF and FIDE.
Don't be trying to convert a Yahoo! rating to a USCF rating by inventing some formula.
A player with a high Yahoo! chess rating assisted by their computer programs, hacks,
and otherwise cheating, might not ever win a game over the board on their own.
I've seen Yahoo! chess ratings of 3000. Just use Yahoo! chess for what it is, if at all.
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  • Chris Ancor answered 3 years ago
    Captain Kirk is correct. On-line chess ratings are meaningless. True ELO ratings can only be obtained from over-the-board tournament play. The typical Yahoo player is probably more like 700-1000 strength.
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    I'd say roughly 700-1500 strength
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  • Ryan answered 3 years ago
    I disagree that online rating is meaning less. You can still gaze the on the board strength of online players. For example Yahoo players are mostly beginners and novice, so when you see yahoo players that have 1700 rating chances are their on the board rating is below 1200. Now ICC has better players than yahoo players, even grandmasters play there. So when you see an ICC player with a rating of 1700, chances are his online rating might be 1500-1600 range. Additional information the site freechessorg has stronger players than chesscube.com.
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