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How long does it take human body to excrete Mercury and BPA?

How long does it take to elimate Mercury and BPA from body? (Days?, weeks?, months?, years?)

Is the task handled by kidney or liver?

Is damage done by Mercury or BPA permanent or can body recover from it?

Should I go with silver fillings or tooth colored fillings? Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not sure about BPA, but mercury isn't dangerous unless it's aerosolized and inhaled. The phrase "mad as a hatter" came up because the hats were cured with mercury, but in using it, it got into the air and the hatters were breathing it. Liquid mercury isn't dangerous. It used to be in fillings. They stopped using it because it sometimes turned the gums gray, but it never hurt anyone. If you actually drink mercury, it's time to camp out in the bathroom. It will shoot straight through you as one of the most powerful laxatives in existence. If you're just poking a puddle of it, it's harmless. It is fun to play with, though. The only dangerous source in the market is the fluorescent light bulbs that contain it, and then it's only dangerous if you break the things. Inhale it and it's not going away. Brain damage is permanent. Any other source is safe.

    Fillings? That depends on you. The silver ones are cheaper, but the white ones are prettier. Eventually, you will have to replace most fillings. They don't last forever. I'd say go ahead and pay for the pretty white ones if they're visible when you smile. Beyond that, it shouldn't matter too much.

    If you got the warning about some of these things from OSHA, ignore them. Some of the things they harp on about are just stupid. For example... according to their rules, I was unable to get my wisdom teeth back after they were pulled. Why? Because they had blood on them. Think about it for a second. Yeah... Real smart organization.

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