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Which are the must-have games for Xbox360?

best X360 titles of FPS, TPS, racing and Fighting.

since i wont have god of war, wud like to have a similar game.

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    I am not sure there is a God of War exclusive equivalent on 360 but the new Castlevania sure gives it a run for its money!

    360 exculsive must haves?

    Halo. (all but ODST)

    Gears of War

    Forza Racing


    Good games no matter what console?

    Battlefield bad company 2 (better servers than COD and desructable environment make camping hard)

    Crysis 2 (best looking FPS out)



    Super street fighter 4

    Marvel v Capcom

    Mortal Kombat

    Mirrors Edge (prince of persia meets FPS in a futuristic city)

    Source(s): I work at Gamestop
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    Crysis 2 is easily in the running for best looking game on the platform. This isn't a big surprise, given Crysis's history. However, that the game runs so well across such a wide variety of systems shocked me. Expect greatly improved performance on the same hardware in comparison to Crysis and Crysis: Warhead. In this case, PC players benefit from Crysis 2's journey to consoles.

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    Since you cant have gow get Darksiders,that or Castlevania Lords of Shadow.fps cant go wrong with any Halo,Call of duty,or Battlefield.fighting get mortal kombat vs dc universe.tps are Gears of War,Vanquish.Racing get Forza 3,Dirt 3.

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