Les Miserables audition?

My school is doing les mis this winter. I saw it over the summer and I really want to be in it.

I am not usually in plays or musicals but i was elementary and middle school.

My dad used to be a director in LA and i'm going to get him to help me. I'm in show choir. I'm an alto but i have a wide range. I really want to be either fantine or cozette.

How can i prepare for the audition?

which roles have the highest vocal ranges and which have the lowest?

thank you so much

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  • 9 years ago
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    First off, Les Miserables is a phenomenal show! If you are an alto, Cosette is probably not the role for you, since she is a legit soprano, but it's always good to audition! Fantine or Eponine are better fits for alto's, and each has a good amount of belting. Fantine has the lowest range of the show, but it is a wide range.

    To prepare for the audition, you should sing something that represents the character you want the most. Unless your director wants each actor to sing for the role, don't sing a song from the show. If you're auditioning for Fantine or Eponine, I'd use "As Long as He Needs Me" from Oliver. For Cosette, "Green Finch and Linnet Bird" from Sweeney Todd would be a good fit.

    Break a leg at your audition!

    Source(s): Professional theatrical actress at 15.
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    Now it kind of depends, phantom and wicked are very popular and people at auditions sometimes don't like wicked songs. And if it is very Proffesional they may not like a disney princess songs but these songs are all very short (exept think of me) and if u can sing them well they will show off Many cossete qualities

    Some day my prince will come~~Snow White

    I wonder~~sleeping beauty

    Think of me~~phantom of the opera

    No one mourns the wicked~~wicked



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