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Gerard asked in SportsBoxing · 9 years ago

What's your favorite Boxing Movies? Here's Some of Mine.?

I've Watched Just about every Boxing Movie,Here are some of my Favorites,,What's Yours??

No-1-Monkey on my Back-1957--Cameron Mitchell as Barney Ross,Dianne Foster,Jack Albertson..The Life Story of Barney Ross..

No-2-The Harder They Fall-1956-Humphrey Bogart,Jan Sterling,Rod Steiger,Mike Lane as Primo Canera,Max Bear,Jersey Joe Walcott,Harold.Stone,Nehemiah Persoff..Uncredited but true story of Primo Canera..

No-3-Dempsey-1983-Treat Williams as Jack Dempsey,Sam Waterston,Sally Kellerman,Victoria Tennant,Jimmy Lennon Snr.Jessie Vint...The Life Story of Jack Dempsey..

No-4-Gentleman Jim-1942-Errol Flynn as James.J.Corbett,Alexis Smith,Jack Carson,Ward Bond,.The Life Story of JamesJ.Corbett..

No-5-Somebody Up There Likes Me-1956-Paul Newman as Rocky Graziano,Pier Angeli,Sal Mineo,Tony Zale..The Life Story of Rocky Graziano..

No-6-Requiem for a Heavyweight-1962-Anthony Quinn as Mountain Ravira,Jackie Gleason,Micky Rooney,Julie Harris,Madame Spivy,Barney Ross,Jack Dempsey,Cassius Clay,Willie Pepp,Gus Lesnevitch,Steve Belloise,Abe Simon.

No-7-The Great.John.L.-1945-Greg McClure the "Boston Strong Boy" John L. Sullivan,,Linda Darnell,Barbara Britton,Otto Kruger,Wallace Ford,Rory Calhoun.The life story of John.L.Sullivan.

No-8-City for Conquest-1940-James Cagney as Danny Kenny,Anne Sheridan,Arthur Kennedy,Eli Kazan,Anthony Quinn.

No-9-The Set Up-1949-Robert Ryan as Stoker Thompson,Hal Bayler as Tiger Nelson,Audrey Totter,Alan Baxter,Wallace Ford,George Tobias.

No-10--Body and Soul-1947-John Garfield as Charlie Davis,Lilly Palmer,William Conrad,Hazel Brooks,Canada Lee,Ceferino Garcia,

No-11-Champion-1949-Kirk Douglas as Midge Kelly,,Marilyn Maxwell,Paul Stewart,Ruth Roman.

No-12-The Leather Saint-1956-John Derrek as Father Gil Allen,Jody Lawrance,Paul Douglas,Cesar Romero,Richard Shannon,Lou Nova,Mushy Callahan,Joe Gray.

No-13-The Prizefighter and the Lady-1933-Max Bear as Steve Morgan,Myrna Loy,Jack Dempsey,Primo Carnera,Walter Huston,Otto Kruger,James.J.Jeffries,Frank Moran,Billy Papke,Jess Willard.

No-14-Off Limits-1952-Bob Hope,Mickey Rooney as Herbert Tuttle,Marilyn Maxwell,Eddie Mayhoff,,Stanley Clements as Bullets Bradley,Jack Dempsey,Tom Harmon,Art Aragon

No-15-Iron Man-1951-Jeff Chandler as Coke Mason.Rock Hudson as Speed O'Keffe,Stephen McNelly,Evelyn Keyes,James Arness,Mushy Callahan,Jimmy Lennon Snr.

No-16-Kid Gallahad-1962-Elvis Presley as Walter Gulick,Gig Young,Charles Bronson,Lola Albright,Joan Blackman,Orlando DeLa Fuenta as SugarBoy Romero,Mushy Callahan,Jimmy Lennon Snr.

No-17-Crying Fist-2005-(South Korean Movie) Min-Sic Choi,,Seung-Beom Ryu.

No-18-The Fighter-1952-Richard Conte,Lee.J.Cobb,Vanessa Brown,Frank Silvera.

No-19-The Square Jungle-1955-Tony Curtis as Eddie Quaid,Ernest Borgnine,Pat Crowley,Joe Louis,David Janssen.Carmen McCrea,Jim Backus,Frank Moran.

No-20-Kid Galahad-1937-Edward.G.Robinson,,Wayne Morris as Ward 'Kid Galahad' Guisenberry,Humphrey Bogart,Bette Davis,Mushy Callahan

No-21-They Made Me A Criminal-1939-John Garfield as Johnnie Bradfield,Anne Sheridan,Claude Rains,The Dead End Kids,Ward Bond.

No-22-Right Cross-1950-Ricardo Montalban as Johnny Monterez,June Aliyson,Dick Powell,Lionel Barrymore,Marilyn Monroe.

No-23-The Joe Louis Story-1953-Coley Wallace as Joe Louis,Hilda Simms,Paul Stewart,James Edwards.The Life Story of Joe Louis.

No-24-Flesh and Fury-1951-Tony Curtis as Paul Callan,Jan Sterling,Wallace Ford,Mona Freeman.

No-25-Marciano-1979-Tony Lo Bianco as Rocky Marciano,Belinda Montgomery,Michael O'Hare,Vicente Gardenia,Frank Ronzo,Don Dunphy,Peter Marciano,Coley Wallace.The Life Story of Rocky Marciano.

No-26-World in My Corner-1956-Audie Murphy as Tommy Shea,Barbara Rush,Jeff Morrow,Art Aragon,Jimmy Lennon Snr,Steve Ellis,Mushy Callahan Tommy Hart.

No-27-Raging Bull-1980-Robert De Nero as Jake LaMotta,Joe Pesci,Don Dunphy,Jimmy Lennon Snr,Marty Dakin,Coley Wallace.The Life Story of Jake Lamotta..

No-28-Killer McCoy-1947-Micky Rooney as Tommy''Killer''McCoy,Brian Donlevy ,Anne Blyth,James Dunne,Gloria Holden,Jimmy Lennon Snr,Shelly Winters.

No-29-Leather Gloves-1948-Cameron Mitchell as Dave Collins.Virginia Grey,William Asher,Sam Levene,Jane Nigh,Henry O'Neill,Blake Edwards.

No-30-Cain and Mabel-1936-Clark Gable as Larry Cain,Marion Davies,Allen Jenkins,Rosco Karns.

No-31-Streets of Gold-1986-Klaur Maria Brandauer as Alek Neuman,,Adrian Pasdar,Wesley Snipes,Angela Molina,Elya Baskin,Rainbow Harvest,Daniel O'shea.

No-32-Girl Fight-2000--Michelle Rodriguez as Diana Guzman,Jaime Tirella,Paul Calderon.Ray Santiago,Elisa Bocanegra,Thomas Barbour,Alicia Ashley,Angel Gonzalez.

No-33-Rocky-(6)--2006-Sylvester Stalone,Antonio Tarver,Burt young,Milo Ventimiglia.

No-34-Kid Monk Baroni-1952-Leonard Nimoy as Monk Baroni,Jack Larson,Mona Knox,Richard Robar,Bruce Cabot,Allene Roberts.

No-35-The Ring-1952-Lalo Rios as Tommy

11 Answers

  • 9 years ago
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    Oh my God, what a great list! Have you actually seen all of those movies? Here are my 3 favorites:

    1. The Cinderella Man. Very underrated boxing movie in my opinion. The fight scenes were great and the story of hard luck James Braddock was inspiring.

    2, Raging Bull. Of course DeNiro is good in anything he does and this is no exception as he played the story of the great LaMotta like nobody else could have.

    3. Rocky. Saw all of them but the 1st was the best. What a great story about a hard luck Philly fighter getting the chance of a lifetime.

    Note: I also liked Joe and Max. There was a history between Louis and Schmeling that many don't realize.

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  • 4 years ago

    Rocky was great. Also Million Dollar Baby, but it's not a "feel good" movie. Oh yeah, the John Voight/Ricky Schroeder movie was The Champ. I saw the end of that movie while sitting in Dublin Airprot for 6 hours. Talk about depressing.

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  • vino
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    What the, grear list Sir! My favorite is the Million Dollar Baby. Raging bull, cinderalla man, just finished watching Undisputed 1.


    Are you a fan of Bronson? My father used to watch those movies and I happened to watch them too. I've seen 'Death Hunt' and what was the title of his another movie that all I can remember vividly is the hot chick and his watermelons were being poured by bullets heavily?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Undisputed and Rocky IV

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    wow, thats one hell of a list. i cant even pretend to have seen half of those films!

    my two favorites though are raging bull and the last rocky, rocky balboa. i thought it was the most believable and i felt his passion and the fire he still had inside, some of his speeches had me quite moved! im gonna check out a few more off your list.

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  • Wow you got the whole list man ,

    i like these movies

    kick boxer movies, Rocky movies, never back down ,the fighter, cinderella man..

    that's it from me :)

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  • 9 years ago

    Boy, you don't leave much for us. My favorite has this line in it. They'll tell you the answer.

    "I'm in Pittsburgh and it's raining".

    Actually my favorite is a bare knuckle type of boxing movie staring Charles Bronson and James Coburn, called "HARD TIMES". great movie.

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  • Dmath
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    the fighter

    all rockys

    cinderella man

    million dollar baby

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  • 9 years ago

    Bill, yes Hard Times is a brilliant film. "Lets go get the cat."

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