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What do you think TNA has to do to be able to compete with WWE? + NWA Barely Legal?

Nonstop Wrestling Action’s BARELY LEGAL PPV (July 30, 2011) (I know i said sunday but i cannot wait one more day LOL)

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Next PPV: Breaking Point (In 3 weeks)

Segment 1: Mark and Victor are talking in Mark’s office, Victor is FURIOUS about having to compete in a tag team match tonight: “WHY THE F*CK AM I COMPETING IN A TAG TEAM MATCH TONIGHT? YOUR TAG TEAM DIVISION SUCKS MARK!!! I DEMAND YOU PUT ME IN ANOTHER MATCH!” Security enters Mark’s office and he says: “No it’s ok guys, I got this. Demand? Who are you to demand anything? You think I’m scared of you dawg? You better calm your @ss down!!! If you don’t want to be tag team champion than…screw Gage, screw him!!! He’s only using you anyway. But you still have to perform so get your @ss to the ring!

Match 1: Buried Alive Match for the NWA World Tag Team Championships

Gage & Victor “No Warning” Hughes (c) vs. Rated Peep Superstar & BarcaEdge

Ring segment 2: Brian Blade comes out first accompanied by Lexi Broskiette. The crowd is booing the heck out of him. Liam comes out next, he gets mixed reaction from the crowd. But he has something to say: “Since you are out here with your girl Brian, I decided to come here with my girl as well. She’s gonna make sure that your girl doesn’t screw me. So come out baby.” Charlene Appleby makes her debut here in NWA.

Match 2: Ladder Match for the Money In The Bank contract.

Liam Catterson (c) (w/Charlene Appleby) vs. Brian “The Icon” Blade (w/ Lexi Broskiette)

Ring segment 3: Announcer says: “Ladies and gentlemen…the next match is an Extreme Elimination Chamber match!!!” Crowd cheers. “The 6 competitors are allowed to bring weapons to the chamber. The winner of this match will get a World Title match at the next PPV, Breaking Point!”

Match 3: Extreme Elimination Chamber Match.

Chris Anderson vs. Nick Angel vs. The Elite Phenom vs. Rated R Superstar vs. Karic Wind vs. Big Ran

Segment 4: The Internet Champion Matt Murphy is in the parking lot right now waiting for his opponent to come. The cars seen in this parking lot are old cars that nobody wants. The only purposes of these cars are for Matt and Moses to use them as a weapon to destroy each other.

Match 4: Parking Lot Brawl for the NWA Internet Championship.

Matt Murphy (c) vs. Moses X

Segment 5: The Viper comes out first and he gets a great pop from the crowd. Next to come out is the champion, Shaun Cold and he gets booed. Than out comes Hunter Moore and he has a mic in his hands: “Viper…do you think you have a chance at all tonight? You will be in the ring with the 2 guys that you tried to put out of action a few days ago. You wanted to end our careers but you FAILED. Unlike you Viper, I know how to get the job done. My main goal tonight is to end your career and Shaun will help me. “*Evil laugh*

Match 5: Extreme Rules Match for the NWA Extreme Championship

Shaun Cold (c) vs. The Viper vs. Hunter Moore

Segment 6: Carmelo comes out and he is booed out of the building! Mark comes out next and he gets a great reaction from the crowd. Mark grabs the mic and says: “Let me tell you something right now Carmen. “ Carmelo interrupts him by saying: “MY NAME IS NOT CARMEN DIPSH*T!!!” Mark continues: “Whatever Carmen. Whether you win tonight or not…you will NOT get a World Title shot anytime soon. You will have to work your way up again. And who am I kidding…you won’t win tonight because YOU’RE A JOKE!!!”

Match 6: K.O. Match – Beat your opponent until he’s unable to continue.

Mark Black vs. Carmelo

Segment 7: Luis V comes out and says: “After I throw Pook’s @ss into the fire, I will finally take my rightful place as the top dog in NWA and the NEW World Heavyweight Champion!” Crowd boos the sh*t out of him. Out comes the World Champion Pook S and he gets a standing ovation.

Main Event: Inferno Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Pook S (c) vs. Luis V

GIVE ME THE BEST PROMO POSSIBLE AND VOTE FOR WINNERS!!!!!!!!!! Results will be posted tomorrow night around 7 or 8. Thank You

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    Just for the record, this e-fed seems terribly biased when it comes to the votes. I suspect a little a*s kissing around here? Do you guys even take the promo's in consideration when you evaluate the winners? Just look at the votings on my match, for instance. Everyone has voted for this so-called "Nick Black" yet his promo wasn't better(not even as good) as The Elite Phenom's promo. This just seems to biased to me.

    I just want to know, how much does the votes and the promo's seperately value? It seems like everyone keeps voting for the users they LIKE the most, and not the users that cut the best promo's(necessarily). Please, Mark, respond to this message as soon as you can. I'm not going to participate in this e-fed if the aforementioned is the case.


    MATCHES(I always base my votes on the quality of the promo's, not the user.)

    Match 1: Rated Peep Superstar

    Match 2: Liam Catterson

    Match 4: Matt Murphy

    Match 5: The Viper

    Match 6: Mark Black

    Main Event: Pook S


    Chris Anderson, the most powerful force in NWA, is not in a title match? Are you serious? This is an utter disgrace!!

    Well, on the other hand at least the NWA officials gave me a match, I guess it's better than nothing. Since the match later on tonight is NOT a title match, basically means that I have nothing to lose. This match is all about making an impact that will shake the NWA landscape forever, and that is exactly what i'm going to do.

    A truthfully interesting choice of match the NWA officials have chosen. An "extreme elimination chamber match", that sounds like music to my ears. Afterall, I am the most dominating force in this company and i'm capable of putting on a hell of an extreme match inside a chamber with 5 other opponents. I'm excited as hell, already! I'm shaking, eager of getting inside of the chamber right now and get rid of the dirt! Honestly, there are so many sick and dementing things I can do inside a chamber surrounded by victims in every corner. But i'm not going to spoil my match plans for tonight. Only a fool would do that.

    All you guys eed to know is that there's no escaping, no remorse, no mercy, when you enter the ring standing toe to toe with a 265 pound monster named Chris Anderson. After tonight, Nick Angel, The Elite Phenom, Rated R Superstar, Karic Wind, Big Ran, you'll all be victims of such a despicable act, where no words are capable of describing it. I will tear each and every single one of you like a pair of rag dolls and throw you around the chamber just for the fun of it. That's what kind of person I am. My goal here in the NWA is to cause destruction and pain, not to make myself a popular figure. So boys, go get yourself prepared for the match tonight, because it ain't gon be a pretty sight, trust me.

    There's coming a force of destruction towards you, and there's nothing any of you can do about it!


    Wrestling question:

    Utilize their current marketing, globalize their name, advertise in bigger portions and towards a bigger audience, distance themselves from WWE and consentrate on their own product. I personally believe that WWE will always be one head above TNA, but if they really want to take up the battle against WWE, they really need to do some drastic changes.

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  • 9 years ago

    Get rid of Hogan and Bischoff. End of story.

    Rated Peep Superstar and BarcaEdge become the New NWA Tag Team Champions

    Liam Catterson retains his Money In The Bank contract

    The Elite Phenom becomes #1 contender

    Matt Murphy retains the Internet Championship

    The Viper(me) wins the Extreme Championship

    Mark Black defeats Carmelo

    Pook S retains the World Heavyweight Championship

    Promo: TONIGHT, NWA's Pay-Per-View Barely Legal is LIVE HERE IN THE TOKYOOOOOOO DOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMME! Tonight. The Viper takes home his first piece of NWA Gold and what better way then to celebrate here with all my fans in JAPANNNN! This night will be remembered as "the night where the Viper's greatness began" and hell NO ONE, whether its Shaun Cold or Hunter Moore will come in my way from gold, greatness and this amazing moment you all will see. I am the future of this company and you all know it just like my opponents here tonight do. Hunter Moore and Shaun Cold, this is a night you'll wanna forget because after I'm done with your heads, the doctors deal with them. You two have tried to rain on my parade for too long and on my night, I prove why I AM the most DOMINANT and the most EXTREME person in this division. Tonight, I will stand over both of ur destructed bodies as THE NEW NWA EXTREME CHAMPIONNNNNNN! *Viper drops the mic* *Viper's music hits as he poses to the loud ovation from the crowd*

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  • 9 years ago

    Match 1 : Gage and Victor

    Match 2 : Liam Catterson

    Match 3 : Nick Angel

    Match 4 : Moses X

    Match 5 : The Viper

    Match 6 : Mark Black

    Match 7: Luis V

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  • 9 years ago

    Match 1: Gage & Victor “No Warning” Hughes

    Match 2: Liam Catterson

    Match 3: Nick Angel

    Match 4: Matt Murphy

    Match 5: Hunter Moore

    Match 6: Mark Black

    Match 7: Pook S

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  • Match 1: Gage & Victor “No Warning” Hughes

    Match 2: Liam Catterson :D <3

    Match 3: Rated R Superstar

    Match 4: Matt Murphy

    Match 5: The Viper

    Match 6: Mark Black

    Match 7: Luis V

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    9 years ago

    Nothing really, they already learned they can't.

    PROMO: (Before My Match) I will show the whole world why I am here and why I will dominate my opponents in this match! next week the fans will know why I am the one that makes the fans come out of their seats and say "Say What a Move!" I'm The New Show Around Here And in the Elimination Chamber I'm going to steal The show! I am going to win and I'm going to be known around here as the best new heel around NWA and speaking of my opponents they will get to taste it first hand why i am the best new guy around here! You will know why I am the whole F*cking show around NWA! When I get you with a 900 splash and steel the show And Win! Nick Angel, Chris Anderson, The Elite Phenom, Rated R Superstar, Big Ran you guys are not even a challenge for me you may have been here before I have respect for all of you but that does not hide the fact that I will kick your @$$es cause I'm the whole f*cking show and there is not a damn thing to argue. And now b*itches you will know why everyone calls me the f*cking show cause I take everyone on, I don't back down like some little b*tch I take on all comers and your the first challenge to me becoming a legend and still dedicating all my matches to my matches to my fans and 日本をファック!

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  • Match 1: Rated Peep and BarcaEdge

    Match 2: Liam Catterson

    Match 3: Big Ran (Nick Angel has enough votes)

    Match 4: MosesX

    Match 5: Shaun Cold

    Match 6: Mark Black

    Promo: At the first episode of NWA, I was in a world championship match. Sure I lost but that doesn't mean I will lose again. There is always such thing as improving. This is my second chance and all of you little pookies beter believe I am winning this match. This isn't going to be a normal match. We are talking about one of the most dangerous matches of all time, the Inferno match. I will burn you're stupid fat immature hero, Pook S. You little pookies will burst into tears and leave home crying 24/7. Pook S, don't you think I am just some wrestler you are going to face. I am the most dangerous wrestler in the world and I proved it back in the old days in WSF. I destory an entire building with explosives. I alway destory my opponents when they pised me off in the old days. The stupid @ss security always stop me from destorying my opponent but this time, they will not be able to do that. They will be scared to get pass those flames and stop me. I can destroy Pook as much as I want. I can punch you and injure you as much as I want and you will not escape from me. Believe me or not Pook but I am more dangerousa the devil and the flames will burn just like hell. You are about to face me in hell, my hell. You can't run and you can't hide Pook. Do you have any last words because thsi will not be only you're last day of your championship but it might be the last day of your life. This is gonna be like hell. I'm warning you that how dangerous I can be. If you want to burn then go ahead. Risk yourself, but the only person that will suffer is you! I will finally get my hands on that NWA world championship, something I should've had since the first day of NWA.

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  • 9 years ago

    Answer: They need good ratings!

    (Victor is shown backstage before his tag team match.)

    Interviewer: Victor, you won the tag team championship last month, what are your thoughts on defending it right here tonight.

    Victor: Do not ****** talk to me.

    Interviewer: The Chairman of the NWA says that you can't back out of the match, or your fired. What are your thoughts?

    Victor: I am going out there to compete. I don't care if I am hurt, or injured, I go out there to put on a brutal fight. You see, when I was a boxer, I usually went into the boxing ring, if I was hurt. I would still knock them out of their dignity though. But that's not the case, because I am not injured. I am better than ever. Hell, I am pissed about being in the match, but WHY THE **** SHOULD I BE IN THE MATCH WHEN THERE IS NO DIVISON!?

    Interviewer: But what if BarcaEdge and RatedPeep Superstar walk out with the NWA Titles?

    Victor: ARE YOU ****** DOUBTING ME!?! YOU DO NOT WANT TO PISS ME OFF, TRUST ME!!! You see, BarcaEdge is nothing, he can't wrestle so lets get him out of the way. RatedRPeep Superstar, I've seen him in the ring, and THE ONLY WRESTLER IN THE NWA, that I actually have respect for is him. I DON'T RESPECT ANYONE TRUST ME. BUT WHEN I STEP INTO THAT RING, I AM GOING TO **** SOMEONE UP, IT DOESN'T MATTER IF ITS RATEDRPEEP, OR BARCAEDGE, BOTH OF THEM WILL HAVE "NO WARNING" APPLIED!!

    Interviewer: So you would respect them if they beat you?

    Victor: SHUT THE **** UP!!!! *punches the interviewer*

    *Gage walks in*

    Gage: You ready bro?

    Victor: LETS BEAT SOME ****** PUUSSIES.

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  • 9 years ago

    TNA needs to be what it was before the Monday Night Wars. The problem with TNA, is that they try to be more of WWE instead of distancing themselves from WWE. TNA also need to improve their marketing, and they also need to travel to bigger arenas in terms of making profit. It is okay to give the former WWE wrestlers some spotlight, but you gotta reward the guys that was there before all the former WWE wrestlers came.

    Promo - This is the match where I love the most. This is the match where the sadistic thrive, and where the strong is very humble. As a new-comer, there is always room for improvement here in the NWA. Maybe there is a need for a little more impression to prove that I'm not your usual new-comer, I'm a new-comer that is going to make an impact in a matter of days. I wouldn't mind at all to face anyone here in the NWA, because I know what I'm capable of; I can beat anybody on the NWA Roster that has gotten slim by the minute. In an Extreme Elimination Chamber match, this is where I prove that I have the craving more then anyone here in the NWA. This is where I prove that if you underestimate me, I can promise that you will regret saying those words, and I can promise that you better hope you and your soul is nothing but in the state of depression. At Barely Legal, I get to do whatever I want, I get to show off my sick and twisted side and how I can really torture my opponents at NWA. I show that I'm willing to do whatever it takes here in the NWA not just to make an impact, but to notice me as well. If you are thinking that I'm nothing but a false prophet, look at what happen to One Man Nexus. Here in the NWA, I'm not out here to intimidate my opponents by my words or by history, I try to prove a point every week. You may have the talent to beat me, but you don't have that mentality, and most of all, you don't have that desire to keep you going and going through the match. That is all I have to say, may the best man win.

    Gage & Victor “No Warning” Hughes

    Liam Catterson

    My match

    Matt Murphy

    Shaun Cold


    Pook S.

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  • 9 years ago

    Don't vote

    Brian Blade

    Chris Andersen

    Matt Murphy


    Pook S


    Its Barely Legal... The PPV is here, not any Paper per view... The One where The Rated Peep Superstar and Barca Edge win the NWA Tag team championships... and in none other then a Buried alive match, are you ready for a classic or what, i have never competed in one of the matches, trust me i will not be covered in filthy dirt... I will be covered in filthy gold... once i win the title tonight i am one step closer to being NWA world champion one day, and my oppenents some Gage guy who i havnt seen in ever and No Warning guy... pfffff the no warning in your name is a warning that you could be good, clearly you dont have the brains... I have the brains i have muscles, I am the Rated Peep Superstar, I love to Wrestle, I love to win... Me and Barca Edge will walk out Barely legal NWA Tag team champions

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