What is the etymology of the words "Sasana" and "Béarla"?

England is called (or spelled) "England" in German, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian

England is called (or spelled) "Angleterre" in French, "Inglaterra" in Spanish and Portuguese and "Angliya" in many Slavic languages.

Why is "England" called "Sasana" in Irish and "Sasainn" in Scottish Gaelic?

It sounds nothing like "England".

Besides, why in the world is the "English language" called "Béarla(Béarlach) in Irish Gaelic?

It's nowhere near close to "English" or "Sasana(Sasainn)"!!

What is the etymology of the Irish words "Sasana" and "Béarla"?

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  • R - G
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    8 years ago
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    From the old Irish Bélre, speech / language.

    Originally language of the saxons, but it lost the last bit over time.


    from Sacsan - Saxon

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Irish is a much older language than English. Therefor the names would have been on these places before english evolved. The reason german,danish,Swedish and Norwegian is the same or close is because these are all germanic languages just like english they are cousin languages.

    The spanish french and Portuguese name would have came from the Original latin name and the latin(ancient rome) and celtic worlds(scotland ireland) did not interact or influence each other at all.

  • Joe
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    8 years ago

    The Irish language pre-dates the English language by at least a thousand years, so there's no particular reason why ANY word in it should have any similarity to any English word whatsoever.

    That said, I believe "Sasana" is derived from an Old Irish word used to refer to the Saxons. And "bearla" originates from an Old Irish word for "mouth"...so maybe the ancient Brits were as lippy as their modern counterparts? :-)

  • BobR96
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    8 years ago

    the irish language is older so most likely it was probably talking about what it used to be called before english

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  • 8 years ago

    cuz the english are kinda C U N T S...if u no ur histroy....so we decided to call it that sooooooooooo

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