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American considering moving to Denmark?

I am a 16 year old white male in 11th grade n America and I have about a 3.5 gpa, I would like to immigrate to Denmark about 2 years out of high school after I've worked and gotten enough money to meet the immigration requirements, I'm wondering exactly what my odds of getting accepted into a danish college 2 years out of high school and then being able to get a job and survive around Copenhagen as a foreigner actually are :) thank you for reading this

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    Do you want to permanently move to Denmark or just for studies.

    If you want to come here just for studies then you need to contact a university and find out what your options are, and also the costs. Studying here does not give you any guarantee that you will be able to live here permanently.

    If you are looking to move to Denmark, permanently, until you have finished your studies you have little or no chance, even after you have finished your studies, you will not find it easy, basically you will have to join the queue. If on the other hand you have a skill that is in short supply here then you would have more chance. Otherwise you will just be another foreigner, you will probably get some work in low paid jobs, cleaning, or factory work, there are many highly qualified people doing this here because they cannot get anything else.

    Another option is to finish your studies and then get work in an international company who have branches in Denmark, then transfer here, you would bypass a lot of the red tape.

    Here is a good site to help, there are people in the same situation as yourself, and will be able to offer some more advice for you.


    On either site, get in touch with

    She has a wealth of information

    Many Danes, do not see that, foreigners have problems finding work, because they cannot see the other side of the coin, they see non Danes working with them, but they do not see the many that cannot get work, even when they have sent hundreds of applications for work, and are well qualified for the position, but do not even get an interview.

    Good luck in your plans


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    If you are a bright young man, you should have no problem settling down in Denmark for a couple of years. There is no reason for you to learn the danish language. Most people in the larger part of Copenhagen speaks the english languish quite well. Furthermore Danish is notoriously hard to master, but if you have an interest in linguistics... then give it a go.

    Some advice:

    Wait till you are 18. It will make it easier to both get a job and to experience the Copenhagen night life.

    I don't think you will have a hard time getting accepted into a danish college. Try mailing different colleges asking about Admission Requirements. If you have your eyes set on Business, I can recommend Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College.

    It is possible but not easy to get a job without speaking Danish. Try Hard Rock Cafe - Copenhagen, I know they have non-danish-speaking personal.

  • The cost of living in Denmark is extremely high. You have to know Danish.

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    My husband is Danish,i'm American,I pass to often as we attempt to get him to stay interior the States,nonetheless Danmark is captivating,I do like it,is very costly to stay,you pay taxes on groceries,and you should bag your own groceries,and you get no decrease cost on that,or the undeniable fact that we use our own fabric bags I carry back from the States,except you have some variety of degree like your husband,overlook a pair of job,min. hrs for artwork for you ...32 hrs.Kobenhauvn,in a relax.perchance.

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