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Why wont my Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Triple Thrill Pack game start?

I've been playing it for years. It was working perfectly fine until recently when my dad put a new security system on my desktop. Now when ever I put in the game it makes a noise that indicates that it is running, but then it just stops. It just doesn't want to load.

If anyone can help that would be great! Thanks :)

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    Check to see if your game is a PC DVD version of a game instead of the PC CD. Sometimes security features on a computer (happened to me and my computer) cause a computer to make it hard to have updates so the updates won't threaten the computer, but it can also cause past things that may be a threat to the security of the computer to not work. I remember my dad installed Norton and it caused my driver to permanently not be able to play DVDs and PC DVD games that are the same as a DVD but a game and are made differently than a CD. I kept the computer but got an external drive for playing disks and DVDs. It still works great even though I got it 3 and a half years ago. There are many good external computer drives you can find on,, and even Best Buy stores. Here are some drives from

    Here are some from

    Here are some from Best Buy website.;jsessionid...

    I hope I helped!


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    it might just be that the new security system doesn't trust the creator of game, try disabling the security system when you play the game.

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