No such thing as "pure races"?

Some people argue that they want "racial purity". Uh, no such thing exists. The vast majority, it not all, of the humans on earth have mixed ancestry and all have African blood. Many people in South America have European, Indian and African blood, just like the Caribbean. A lot of people in Southern Europe look more like Middle Easterners (Middle Easterners are considered Caucasian by old anthropologists, due to skull shape and skeleton). Over half of Russia is in Asia and a lot of Russians look Eurasian, basically a mixture of European-Asian.

Populations by each other, are more related by ancestry and gene flow.

The whole "race" thing is a useless category, because people have mixed blood. I just use the word populations.

And a few people say that if you have 1 drop of African ancestry, you are black.. so then every individual is black, right? Since the first humans were Africans and spread to the Middle East and Eurasia.

Biodiversity makes life interesting and different. People who just want to preserve a certain "look" of humans are just being afraid of genetic diversity. Honestly is that really important in the grand scheme of life? That Western and Northern Europeans are blonde or not? Nope.

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  • Oirdne
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    9 years ago
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    Russians are not "basically a mixture of European-Asian". No one DNA test confirmed this theory.

    Asian territory of Russia is almost empty space. 98% of population of Russia are Caucasians with the same part of Asian blood as the rest of Europeans.

    That is why your idea doesn't convince me. Nowadays when it is very easy to travel things change in the world, but thousands years people from isolated regions almost didn't mix and it happened VERY slowly. If your idea worked then all the people in the world would look approximately the same. But we have great variety of looks.

    Of course it doesn't matter how person looks but diversity, as you told, makes world more interesting.

  • 9 years ago

    Sorry but your argument is not convincing. You're saying because mixed races exist, there are no "pure" races, How did the mixed race people form then?

    You also neglect to mention that the countries that engage in the least race mixing tend to be the most successful ones. Germany and Japan ring a bell? Contrast them to India and Brazil.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I never would claim pure races, but I do not care about some white ancestry that I have from hundreds of years ago. I am black, not because of some silly 1 drop rule. Anyone with eyes can see whose black, whose white, whose asians etc..

  • 9 years ago

    Natural Selection, Evolution, Bio Diversity, Nature, and things like Science tend to scare the ignorant. Because it completely shatters their very small small world. And when their small world is shattered by logic and science all they have left is nothing but bruised egos left to nurse. Not only are they ignorant but they're extremely thin skinned too. Don't worry, natural selection always weeds out the woefully weak and ignorant. And don't worry about poor Zacky poo above me. In breeding will cause his children and their children to genetically mutate and die off horrifically. How amusing the weak willed are :D And TLC below me has most likely failed every science class he or she has EVER taken. You see what happens when you drop out of high school boy and girls? You become stupid beyond all reason. For thousands of years nature has shown the atrocities and horror inbreeding has caused. Plenty of empires across the world in the old world/old ages attempted to keep their bloodlines and whatnot pure by mixing with the same small group of people again and again because of some odd obsession with staying pure blood wise. They mainly sired children with terrible deformities that died quickly. Ugh I really wish that people would at least make some effort to pay attention in school. There's a reason why we're behind in education.

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  • tlc289
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    9 years ago

    Call urself and others what u want but I'm as white as the driven snow. How will 'biodiversity' improve our standing in the world? Mixing races is good? find a mixed child & see how screwed up their life is - blacks don't want them bc they're part white; whites don't want them bc they're part black; they can never truly inculturate themselves to one group or race and that's sad. You get to mixing genes and you create freaks of nature with a host of blood and mental disorders. But in the name of diversity you'd be willing to do this?

  • Zach
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    9 years ago

    Uh no thanks. I'll stay with my white people. Nothing you can make up can change what we are

    seliny19 - You obviously don't know anything about Biology, and are just making up things. White people have been around for centuries, and obviously breeding with our own has not caused any harm. In breeding is breeding with members of your immediate family oh bright one. I'm sorry you can't change that. You're also not attractive, I don't know why you have your picture on there, child. You also ask questions on Yahoo Answers with your other IDs then give yourself best answer.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    ya people are mixed by blood, but i doubt half of americans even know, hell many americans dont even know geography, history and human evolution and such. all americans can do is be simple and see black and white

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I think the Japanese and the Aboriginals of Australia may have the best shot at it.

    Kinda leaves out the rest of us.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    yes we are all mixed with something

  • 9 years ago

    Nope we all mixed with something

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