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how to be healthy and...?


I am a five foot five thirteen year old girl (which is a little taller than average). i weigh 143 lbs. and i know that isnt bad for five foot five, but recently i have gone to aeropostale and can't even fit into a size L/XL without it pulling on my sides. i have excess fat on my sides and lower back (i think they are called "love handles" ???). it makes me real jealous of my friends who can wear extra small sizes in every store and i have to go with a large or extra large... i don' t know what i can do to get rid of it. it makes me feel self-conscious whenever i go swimming or trying on clothes because they never fit... I think if i lose the weight, i will be wayyyyy less self conscious and do more things including dancing and swimming. i dont want any diet pills or any diet programs like slimgenics because 1) they are too expensive 2)my mom wont let me. can you give me examples of foods to eat and foods not to eat? i already know to stay away from pop and candy but even when i do that, im just not seeing any results... I DONT want to lose it too fast so that i get sick. im not in a huge hurry to lose that much weight, but my goal is to be 120 lbs. as a teenager and to be as healthy as possible.

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    Here is what im doing:

    Breakfast: Oatmeal with chocolate chips (1 tablespoon), Special K, anything under 400 calories

    Lunch: Lean cuisine, Smart ones, anything under 300 or 400 calories. Or salad

    Dinner: Another 300-400 calorie meal. Or salad

    Snacks: Slim fast drink, slim fast bars, or any other nutrition/diet bars under 200-300 calories. Fruits and veggies

    **Its ok to have a LITTLE bit of chocolate or sweets sometimes. If you dont, then you'll crave them so bad and binge and ruin your diet. Get lots of all natural and organic stuff.

    Good luck :)

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    Hi, you're not the only one like this. I'm the same thirteen-year-old-girl with you. When I go to the clothes shop, my parents always force me to try something on even I don't like to buy anything, it's really embarrassing. There are no jeans which could be fit with me! I'm quite tall but I always feel like I'm a pig (but I don't know why my dad is still saying that I'm fit) >"< Well, the simplest thing to solve this is eat a lot of fruit. I mean you don't have to eat snack when you feel hungry. Don't eat too much things like bread, rice, butter, cheese... I know that they're important and maybe they're parts of most people's life, but... you can survive if you kick them out of your diet. Besides, you don't have to mind too much about this, because you're not a model and no-one in our age has perfect-looking. If someone says bad things about you then don't believe them. About the trying on clothes in the shop, I suppose it's not a problem because you stand in the changing room to do that so no-one can see your body. It's normal that clothes don't fit with you, they don't design just for you! Self-consious huh? Everyone feels like you, they just don't say it out loud. People always dislike things about them or belong to them. But just proud about you because actually, I don't think that you're fat. Sometimes I feel like nobody is uglier than me but who cares? There's no competition or fashion-show. Do a lot of sports, activities and you will feel good, especially swim because that will make you taller. Don't lose weight, GET TALLER so you will look fit in no time. Milk is a good idea too but don't put sugar in it!

    Source(s): Good luck to you! I really hope that you will be fit like you expect.
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    i lost weight by only eating a small meal for diner, and i exercised alot, like crunches listening to your favorite song. it was hard at first, but after the first week, it was easy. if you tgake that long to do your homework, try dancing in the shower and walking with your friends at school. also, you can walk home if its not too far. mabey tell your mom you want to loose weight and want a helthier meal. hope it helps! i know what it was like when i was overweight.

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