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Do any Giants fans agree with me on this?

I think signing Plaxico is a bad idea. He's obviously gonna be rusty and out of shape. (Prison food's probably not the healthiest) And, I think they should stick to resigning their 3 key free agents: Bradshaw, Boss, and Smith.

BQ: Who do you think the Giants will sign this before the offseason ends, and how do you think the Giants will do this year?

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    I agree that Smith, Bradshaw and Boss should be signed. If they aren't signed within the next week, especially Smith, I'll be very worried. But Plax is a good risk/reward. Give him a one year contract and see what he can do. Obviously, he's not a starter, but he could be good in spread formations because of his height (especially against the Eagles). I'm all for giving the guy a chance but the other core three come first.

    BQ- Other than the three listed free agents and maybe Plax I doubt they sign anyone, one, because of limited cap space and two because we have talent here. Maybe we look at a center but other than that, what do we really need except linebackers? We have the franchise QB, solid running back tandem (assuming Bradshaw is re-signed which I'm positive he will be), a very competent and underrated receiving corps and we've been drafting the offensive line replacements the last few years and maybe Reese and Coughlin can get O'Hara to come back. On Defense the line is fine, even without Cofield we have Joseph and Austin and one of those two will breakout next to Canty and our D-Ends are fine with Tuck, Kiwi, Pierre-Paul and hopefully Osi. Our secondary may not have the star power or the household names like Philly or that other NY team but they get the job done and I'm loving the Amukamara pick. Linebacker is a problem, but I think Goff showed signs of being a good middle linebacker. He just needs to improve his pass coverage and that will come with playing time and experience. Boley is fine so I'm not worried about him and on the other side, I think one of Sintim and Herzloch will break out. Herzloch was a beast and 1st team All-American at BC until he was diagnosed with cancer and if he didn't get sick, he would have been a top linebacker in the draft. I think that a few years from now, we'll be talking about how the Giants got a steal in Herzloch.

    I think we'll compete with the Eagles for the division and finsih either 11-5 or 10-6 and make the playoffs.

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    I have been saying this for the longest. They don't need him. They have 2 great young receivers in Nicks and Manningham. Nicks is already better than Plax and it will defend the purpose of drafting Nicks. Plax is 33 soon to be 34 and it rusty and had lost a step because he hasn't played in 3 years. They need to sign Bradshaw, Smith, and Osi.

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    I think its a good idea , look at vick he had more time then plax and look at his preformance

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