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Tips/Help for West Point?

I'm going to be taking ROTC my sophomore year, I'm an A-B student, I have a us army officer who I know well now who will be one of my recommendations, I'm an athlete playing football,basketball, and baseball, and I can't see myself doin anything other than serving my country as an officer. Anyone have any tips, or anything to help me improve my chances of going to usma?

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    It would also help to get a letter of support from your congressional representative, as that is a huge piece of support. You also need to apply to USMA in your Junior year, as it takes them a year to evaluate it all. They are also looking for leadership experience. It's not enough to be all the things you are if you cannot lead, so that would help as well.

    Best of luck to you.

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    WP is with regard to the full individual concept, until you're concerning somebody who went there. connect as many golf equipment and athletic communities as attainable. in the journey that your no longer sturdy at activities then connect golf equipment. Get into your faculties management, join SIP or ASB. extra advantageous than 3/4 of the cadets that flow to WP have been in a interest and have been leaders at their faculties. something are patently athletic that have been incredibly intelligent. i grow to be actual a twin interest athlete performed soccer and baseball, grow to be on scholar government and grow to be a scholar representative on the district college board. I additionally went to a state college grow to be the variety a million score ROTC cadet at that college, took the WP actual and stamina try to did properly and nonetheless did no longer get prevalent. Unfortunatly my SAT's held me lower back. sturdy success and start up looking into Congressional nominations for next 365 days.

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