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2003 Dodge Ram Van 1500 Pros vs Cons?

I just bought a 2003 Dodge Ram Van 1500, because l have a big family. what do you think of the van ?

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    I didn't care for the one my company gave me. But that was mostly because I was always on oil field roads and Dodges aren't built all that strong.

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    well, when i was a kid we had a cpl ram vans,one was a 150 with the old slant 6,the other was 250 with the 318v8.problems were minor and far between.also take into account that the major airports have used ram vans for yrs cause they hold up well.they wont if you abuse them baja-ing thru an oil field though.their tow capacity is roughly comparable to the 1500 ram truck.so towing a boat,or camper isnt out of the question,as long as you have enough engine for your boat or camper.

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