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Where are the old European monarchs now?

Where are the descendants of the old monarchies of Europe, who would be next-in-line for the throne today? For example, where is the Russian royal family? And the French royal family? And the all the others? And what about those from a long time ago, like the descendants of Julius Caesar, the Egyptian pharaohs, and the Persian royalty?


I know many of them were "exterminated," but don't they have some sort of surviving descendants?

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    Ancient Royal Families don't really have any descendants to claim those ancient Thrones.

    As for the more recent one, here is a brief list:

    1. Russia

    Succession to Russian Imperial Throne is a difficult business because of extremely complex succession and marriage laws. Currently, there is not one single pretender who actually complies with all the laws. However, two of the current pretenders are Maria Vladimirovna - descendant of Emperor Alexander II of Russia, and Nicholas Romanov – descendant of Emperor Nicholas I of Russia.

    Maria Vladimirovna's claim will be succeeded by her son, George Mikhailovich.

    Line of Nicholas Romanov: Prince Nicholas Romanov's claim will be succeeded by: Prince Dimitri Romanovich (his younger brother) ---> Prince Andrew ---> Prince Alexis ---> Prince Peter ---> Prince Andrew ---> Prince Rostislav

    It should be noted that although on international level Maria Vladimirovna's claim is more accepted, all Romanov dynast (bar Maria Vladimirovna herself) support Prince Nicholas.

    2. France

    The succession to the French Throne is disputed by 3 parties - Legitimists, Orleanists and Bonapartists.

    The claimant from Legitimists is Louis Alphonse de Bourbon, Duke of Anjou (first cousin of Spanish King Juan Carlos). His claim will be succeeded by his son, Prince Louis, Duke of Burgundy.

    The claimant from Orleanists is Prince Henri, Count of Paris, Duke of France. His claim will be succeeded by his son Prince Jean, Duke of Vendome and Dauphin de Viennois.

    The Bonapartist claimant is Jean Christophe, Prince Napoleon, who is unmarried.

    3. Austria-Hungary

    The current pretender to Austria-Hungarian Throne, following the recent death of Otto von Habsburg, is Otto's son, Karl von Habsburg. His claim will be succeeded by his son, Ferdinand Zvonimir Habsburg-Lothringen

    4. Yugoslavia

    The current claimant to the Yugoslavian Throne is Alexander II Karadjordjevic, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia (the son and Heir Apparent of the late King King Peter II). His claim will be succeeded by his eldest son, Hereditary Prince Peter.

    It should be noted that the former Royal Family is extremely popular in Serbia and enjoys the support of all major political parties, so I don't really exclude possibility of a restoration in near future.

    5. Greece

    The current pretender is former King Constantine II of Greece. He was deposed in 1973, and given just how unpopular Monarchy is in Greece, is unlikely to ever be restored.

    His claim will be succeeded by his eldest son, Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece.

    6. Germany *

    The current head of the Imperial House of Hohenzollern (the former ruling house of the German Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia) is Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia. He is as of now unmarried, however his Heir Presumptive is Prince Christian-Sigismund.

    * Germany also has a large number of other Royal, Princely and Ducal Houses (such as Bavaria, Oldenburg, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, etc), each with its own pretender.

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    Here, there, and everywhere my dear Lib, scattered to the four curves of the earth, as they say in Ireland. Wouldst that my dear friend and drinking comrade, the Tsar of Russia were still here, King Tut, the boy Pharaoh, many's the night we would share his sister. Tragic end don'tcha know, infected hangnail and the rest is, as they say in the Licenced Victuallers school, an empty Glass.

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    Forrget about the Romans, Persians, and Egyptians. They existed too long ago to trace any family lines.

    There are three families that "pretend" to the French throne: I commented on this several days ago, and other members have done so. See the first site below.

    That site will also take you to a site on the Russian succession, which is quite controversial among people who care about these things.

    The truth is that once a monarchy is abolished, the titles and so forth connected with it are also abolished. No one should still be using those titles or squabbling over who is next in line to the throne. However, in Europe, the use of defunct titles is acceptable in certain social situations, though it is illegal in some countries.

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    The descendants are in their respective countries/kingdoms. France no longer has a monarchy. I'm not sure about the rest.

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    Wikipedia furnishes a "List of Current Pretenders" as cited below:

    Francis II of the House of Wittelsbach is the pretender to the Stuart throne.

    Louis XX of the House of Bourbon is the pretender to the French throne as are Henry VII of the House of Orleans and Charles Napoleon and Jean Christophe, who are both descendants of Napoleon Bonaparte.

    Karl II (and V) is the pretender to the House of Habsburg-Lorraine (Austria-Hungary).

    Maria Vladminirovna and Nicholas Romanov both claim to be heirs to the Romanov throne in Russia.

    Georg Friedrich as a direct descendant of the Kaiser is a pretender to the House of Hohenzollern

    Source(s): :List of Current Pretenders. (2011, July 12). Wikipedia. Retrieved 29 July 2011 from
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    Many of them are still reigning over their countries. Like Sweden, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, United Kingdom, etc.

    Others have been deposed. They have wound up in many other places...but a bunch of them live in Switzerland. Some are in sports, others in designing or cosmetics, et.c

    I believe the descendants of Julius Caesar died out about a generation after he did.

    Egyptian pharaohs, as well.

    The Russian royal family was murdered...the whole bunch of them, in 1917. The more distant relations who managed to escape, live in relative obscurity.

    There are two pretenders for the French throne. They live in France. They are gentrified.

    I'm sure, if you search their names, or the countries, you will find where their descendants (if any survive) are, today.

    Do you understand what the word "exterminated" means???? It means THE ENTIRE FAMILY WAS KILLED!!! SO THERE ARE NO DESCENDANTS. When everyone dies, there ARE no descendants. In some cases, there are distant cousins, still, but, as they had no shot at thrones in the first place, and the people were murdering their families...they escaped to obscurity, as mentioned above.

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    They are all over. I know a Romanian princess who lives in Ottawa, Canada. She does not use her title at all. She would be much like many of them - living normal lives in various places.

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    The Russians were shot

    The French were beheaded

    Don't know about the other two

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    Lots of them are living the life of "Reilly " in their Parisian apartments,but not the Russian lot .

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    Most are boozing it up at a bar down where I live. If you need the address please let me know. Heading down there meself.

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