I need some opinions on incest (or incestuous thoughts.)?

Last night I was having a really emotional conversation with my boyfriend. He admitted to several things including his lying about giving up pot/alcohol even though he led me to believe he'd stopped using. He also told me he'd almost slept with a girl (as in cheating on me) but couldnt go through with it. Very upset, I asked him if there was anything (anything) else that I should know and that I wouldn't be mad whatever it was. At this point he said that what he was going to tell me makes him "crazy" and a "psycho." basically he said he had been attracted to members of his family lately (I assume he means his two sisters or mother but probably sisters) and that when he was drunk awhile ago he called one of his sisters and asked for sex (but they never did anything.) I am okay with this mostly because nothing happened although I do worry that something might happen. The weird thing is, that scenario is strangely hot to me...it's a fantasy of mine--a brother and his sister being together. I just need to ask the advice of anyone out there on how totalk to him about it and if I'm doing the right thing by staying in a relationship with him. I know it's bad that he lied so I would appreciate it if that wasn't mentioned; I'm mainly wondering about the incest part. Thanks :)

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    A good friend and I had a discussion about this not too long ago. While biology apparently prevents humans from wanting to mate with the close relatives they live with (a form of reverse sexual imprinting known as the Westermarck effect), there can certainly be exceptions to it. Besides, the former is only a theory; were you to have asked Freud, he would tell you that it's very natural for humans to be sexually attracted to biological family members, which also makes sense because humans tend to prefer features that are similar to their own or who at least share the same level of attractiveness. It is very possible that the only reason humans are not normally attracted to others is because, as Freud would say, we have developed a societal or psychosocial adversity to this sort of behavior--not necessarily a physiological one. Regardless, there really isn't a "norm" to fantasies--the way you're thinking is probably not as strange as you may assume. Your boyfriend would make a phenomenal case study. In fact, I personally don't think you should dump him, unless you want to experience being single for a while. If I were you, I would view this as an opportunity to explore human sexuality and the way the mind functions. Granted, I am a neuroscience major, and thus slightly twisted.

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    I'm not in your situation, so I'm in no position to judge this. But why are you still with him? He's openly admitted to almost having cheated on you, he's obviously fantasizing about others as well as lying to you. I can't see how you're only "upset."

    On the other hand, if you're okay with his fantasies, you should definitely talk it over, perhaps join in too if you don't mind the competition. Hey, you only live once, right?

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    I admire both yours and his honesty. Keeping a cool head after hearing all that must not have easy. I think you should give it some thought before you make a decision. He's being up front but what if he wants to continue this with her. Would you be ok with that?

    I emailed you.

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    you all need help..

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