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Since the House passed the GOP debt plan 218 to 210, does that mean that America is "good to go" ?

can america still default ? or is every alright now ?

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    No it will be vetoed in the senate. Unfortunatly the GOP plan wont be good enough for the Dems and the Dems plan wont be good enough for the GOP.

    @Ingrid, the largest number of american jobs going overseas was done by the democrats under the clintion administration who built up a surplus that was started under the first george bush who was a good president and would of had two terms if it wasn't for that dipstick perot splitting the vote.

  • Ingrid
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    9 years ago

    The GOP Idiots are trying desperately to destroy our Country. No, we are not and if the Senate had a GOP Majority, we might as well leave the Country and start anew elsewhere. It would no longer be a Country we could survive in unless we are filthy rich.

    The Republicans set out to form a Dictatorship and institute Slavery once again.

    They sent our jobs abroad, underwrite the Rich and the Rich only and take away rights and liberties of the rest of us.

    My european contacts are saying that we are sliding into a 3rd World Status.

    Not so much because of the ppresent day problems but because of the economically and politically ill-educated Tea Party Gang, the ones who are calling the shots for the GOP right now.

    Well Folks that is what happens when you vote in People who promise Jobs, Jobs and more Jobs and deliver Grief, Grief and more Grief. If all of us were able to read, this would not have happened.

    The Tea Party signs at their Ralleys were excellent indicators as to how ill-meaning and ill-educated these People truly are.

    And the ones they voted into Office are now trying their best to destroy our educational System even further and strip us of rights for which we and our Ancestors fought vehemently for 200 years.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No the senate still has to vote on it. They probably won't pass it. Even if it did get passed it's just a temporary fix. All it means is our national debt will go up even more.

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