Questions From a Future West Point Applicant?

There is one main problem that might hold me back from West Point. I will reveal that problem at the end, only because many times people read this problem and automatically say I have no chance. Read my background first, then respond.

- I have a 3.75 GPA and I am going into my Junior Year. I have 2 Intensive Classes, only 3 Intensives are offered at my school.

- I do Cross Country, Winter Track, and Spring Track. I have been on Varsity in all 3 of those sports since Sophomore Year. By Senior Year, I will be Captain of at least 1 of these 3 sports (Cross Country is a definite)

- My Community Service requirement is fulfilled, and I am only halfway through high school. I plan on doubling my Comm Service hours by the end of high school.

-My School does not offer Arabic, so I am taking out of school lessons, and will then do an Immersion program so I can put my my work in Arabic on my College application.

- I have done 2 high school summer programs so far. 1 program was at Columbia where I received an A and a recommendation letter from a Columbia professor. The 2nd program was at the National Student Leadership Conference where I received a college credit and another A. The Columbia program was about Media, Politics, and War. The NSLC program was about National Security.

- I will also apply for the West Point Summer Leadership Seminar, where I will hopefully accepted.

- I have not taken the SAT, but received a 740 on my Bio SAT

The one problem is that I had an Asthma issue when I was 13. I needed an inhaler for a month. What I did not know is that my mom continued the prescription because she needed an extra inhaler, because her prescription was not enough. She continued the prescription for 2 years after I stopped needing it. I have not used an Inhaler since age 13 and despite doing track all year round, I have not had any need for an inhaler. I have also been to camps with military training, where I was the most physically competent person there. I know I could get a note from my doctor saying I am fit for military duty, but I do not know if I can prove that my mother had extended the prescription for her own benefit and not mine.

Before you answer, I would like to inform you that WAIVERS FOR FORMER ASTHMATICS ARE GRANTED REGULARLY. I have learned this from cadets who have recieved waivers, and you can even google it and find blogs by Cadets who say they recieved a waiver. Here is an example:

Thank you for reading. Please let me know if you think I have a decent shot at West Point, and if you have any ideas for how I can increase my chances, please let me know. All I want to do is serve our country, and I believe I will make the biggest impact by serving as an Officer in the US Army.

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    The asthma disqualification issue would be there regardless of your mom's use of the inhaler prescription since you were diagnosed with asthma after the thirteenth birthday. See page 191 of the West Point Catalog:

    If you can pass the methacholine challenge test it can be waived. One of my contacts similarly ran cross country and track and passed the methacholine challenge test, received a waiver and is at Cadet Basic Training at the moment. There is not really enough information to asses chances. There is no mention of leadership positions in non athletic extracurricular school activities or community based activities such as Eagle Scout/Billy Mitchell Award; class rank based on weighted Gpa; competitive ranking of the school in terms of the percentage of students continuing on to 4 year universities; Sat/Act scores; or grades in subjects most relevant to the service academies(Math, English, Chemistry, Physics.) A 740 Sat Subject exam in Biology is great but won't be considered by West Point. Suggest joining NHS as membership is considered leadership and 2/3 of each service academy class have been members. West Point SLS is extremely competitive as there are only 1,000 slots. Be sure to take the Psat, Sat or Act this Fall early enough to have competitive scores available when SLS opens for applications in Mid December. West Point makes decisions on SLS on a rolling basis and in a much quicker fashion than Usafa or Usna. The slots are not only going to the most competitive overall candidates but also to students being recruited to West Point and Usmaps for athletics or diversity, which categories make up between around 38% and 55% of a service academy class depending on the Academy, low end at Usafa, high end at Usna.

    Good Idea to also apply to Usafa Summer Seminar, opens for Apps Dec 1, admits 1125 and also highly competitive and to Usna Summer Seminar, opens for Apps Feb 1, admits 2250 and therefore less competitive.

    Going to any lets the selection board know that a Candidate has a more informed understanding of the regimented lifestyle he will lead as a Cadet/Mid. The military considers that the ultimate goal of a Candidate should be to serve as a military officer regardless of commissioning source or service branch and recognizes that the academies and afrotc/nrotc/rotc scholarships are highly competitive. It strengthens and application to apply to more than one commissioning source/service branch.

    The selection process is nearly identical at the Air Force Academy, West Point, and the Naval Academy, so, whatever is stated on one service academy website or in its catalog with regard to admissions generally holds for the others. If you read the following answer and open the links it should help to explain the selection process and the path to an appointment:;_ylt=Akhc0...

    The Air Force Academy website offers outstanding advice to students prepping for a service academy, rotc scholarship or any highly selective university. Open all links to the left of the dialog box. Be sure to open the "Leadership Preparation" link and read it carefully."

    Don't pay attention to the recommended Computers course. That is not in the Air Force Academy Catalog, Naval Academy Catalog or West Point Catalog and has probably been copied since the time when several computer languages were needed to use a PC.

    Also, see page 19 of Chapter 2 of the Usna Catalog for suggested courses.

    To increase chances, start prepping for the Psat, Sat and Act. The Psat Math tests Algebra 1 and Geometry; the Sat adds Algebra 2; the Act adds Algebra 2 and Trigonometry. Extracurricular reading, looking up unknown words in a dictionary will help with Cr scores:

    Join NHS and at least one other school based extracurricular activity and if the chance arises for a leadership position in the activity, go for it.

    Good Luck!

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    I wouldn't worry about your history of having an asthma. I have been through DODMERB (Department of Defence Medical Examination Review Board) and it is nothing to worry about. As far as your credentials, you seem right on track for an academy applicant. You need to contact your local Congressional office and inquire about an application for a service academy. I believe the deadline is October 1st for the applications. That also includes reccomnedations and essays. Your physical fitness level should be up to par, and DODMERB is nothing to be afraid of. It is reviewed by the board and some people with far worse injuries or conditions are sent through. Stay on the right track and get your application in as soon as possible. Go Army.

    Source(s): Work in Congressional office dealing with Military affairs and been through DODMERB medical examination process.
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    Other than being cross country captain, you don't have any leadership skills or experience, which is completely separate from having above average, and I sincerely mean nothing impressive, test scores and gpa. Aside from getting medical waivers, endorsement from a political figure is really important, as the other poster stated. Good luck to you.

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    I believe you definitely know your goal, but there is something you're missing. You need to try your best to get a recommendation from a Congressman or Senator. All the people I know who went to the US Naval Academy and West Point all had things written from one of the two or both. You need to work on getting your GPA up alittle higher also. 3.75 is very well but there is room for improvement in their eyes. Also you need to take both the SAT and ACT.

    Good luck

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    Just for morale support one of my older brothers had Asthma and he was accepted into the US Army ,he went on to the paratroop services with the 82nd Airborne Division.He was a little scrawnny and not very athletic but he was determined to succeed and he did.I do not approve of Dog fighting but there is an old adage,"It's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog".Best of success.Thank you for your patriotism.

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