Where all of the people in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics paid the same?

Were scientist, politicians, and military commanders really paid the same as the average worker in the soviet union?

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  • 9 years ago
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    As someone who lived under communism and worked, there was never anywhere equal pay even among coworkers, less among people of truly diverse workforce. First, there were directive which showed how much people should earn, but it was tier system with various ranges that not only differ from company to company, but also from different regions. People in large cities got paid more as there was higher cost of living in comparison of small towns, but also industries paid differently. Heavy sector and blue collar workers earned ton of money, often more than people in intellectual field, scientists, lawyers or teachers. However, technical staff like engineers and operation research were among top paid jobs for people with advanced degrees. Women working in industry or transportation earned more money than women working in textile or food processing sector, and pay in services was traditionally low.

    Pay also often varied if someone was member of the communist party. People had often some extra subsidies if they were affiliated with it, or got extra bonuses which was not case for the rest. Since communists wanted to keep as much money for themselves, they also limited how many people per each workplace could join the party. The closest equalization of earnings in the Eastern Block occurred in Albania, but in USSR, it had very diverse pay, which caused millions of people to migrate for better paying opportunities all over the country.

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    Like in all communist systems, the only people that were paid "more" were high-ranking members of the Communist Party (Partisans). The rest of the people would work for about the same, with very little difference between pay in jobs. This pay was usually very little, sometimes only enough to buy a few loaves of bread. As for the Partisans, they enjoyed luxury items the people could only dream of, like food imported from all over the world. So basically, no, among the regular people, I guess the answer would be yes, but among the higher ranking Party Members, no.

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    No. The USSR was never a truly communistic society in terms of pay. But certain jobs offered not only a little more money(which isn't really worth much if there aren't many products to buy) but offered certain perks. A car, larger housing, the right to shop at special shops stocked with western goods....these were in effect part of some salaries, worth more than their supposed value in cash.

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    9 years ago

    One would expect so, as the country was strictly Communist, but of course things don't always work out that way. Some people would have found ways to be paid more and some politicians may have swindled money for themselves. The country was Communist on paper, but not everybody was willing to have it that way and greed always takes over.

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