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questions about Seattle?

1. does it rain during the summer? I'v read that it rains but not as much as others say I seen that stats and it rains more in Philadelphia where i live than in Seattle most of our rain is summer storms so thats why I'm moving to Seattle

2. what is life like in Seattle what do people do for fun

3. does it snow in the winter?

4. should i buy a car or is the city small enough to walk or bike around?

5. is Seattle mostly young mid age or old people?

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  • Tori
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    9 years ago
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    1. It can rain in the summer, but the summers are typically the "dry season" from July through September. It is not unusual to have 30 days in a row without rain - usually from mid July to mid August. However the other 9 months of the year from October through June are pretty much continuously overcast skies and drizzle. It seldom rains hard, but there is intermittent rain on and off for over 220 days of the year.

    2. Most people enjoy outdoor activities - hiking, camping, fishing, biking, boating and other watersports and in the winter the nearby mountains provide snow sports like skiing and snowshoeing. Some of the things people enjoy in the city are places like the Pike Place Market:, Seattle Center, the waterfront, parks and there are numerous festivals and events throughout the year. Here is a link with more things to see and do: Of course there is also music, theater, art, museums and professional sports teams.

    3. It usually only snows a few days each winter. The snow falls, it stays for a few days and gets melted by rain when the next wet, warmer, weather system arrives.

    4. If you are content to stay in the city you probably won't need a car. But if you want to take advantage of activities like camping, hiking or snowsports in the nearby forests and mountains, you will need a car to get there.

    5. The figures for the 2010 census aren't available yet, but in 2000, 31% of the population were between the ages of 20 to 34 and 31% of the population were between the ages of 35 and 54. About 17% were over 54 and about 21% were under 20.

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  • 9 years ago

    1. Yes, it can rain anytime of year. That's why they call it the Emerald City - all that rain = green.

    2. Lot's - Seattle is surrounded by water, both fresh and salt water. There are all the professional sports (except NBA since the Sonics moved to OK). The Univ of WA is in Seattle, so you've got those activities. Many people are into outdoor activities. There is a reasonable arts community, many good restaurants. Seattle has everything Philly has, except Gino's Steaks. The area is also surrounded by mountains, real mountains not those little pimples you have in PA. So you can go hiking, skiing, mountain climbing........REI is a Seattle company, Eddie Bauer is a Seattle company - outdoor activities are big there. They have a great microbrewery culture and wine producers too. San Francisco is a 12 hour drive away. Cheaper flights to Hawaii too.

    3. Not very often but it does happen. The average Seattleite has no clue how to deal with snow and they don't have sufficient equipment (plows) to clean it up when it does. Seattle itself is at sea level, Puget Sound is salt water and has a big influence on the temperature. The predominate weather pattern is from the west, which is the Pacific ocean, you don't get arctic blasts coming down from Canada. They don't have Nor'easters either. If you go about 40 miles east of Seattle into the Cascade mountains it's a whole different story. The Cascades get huge amounts of snow in the winter. About 75 miles as the crow flys SE of Seattle is Mt. Rainer, which at over 14,000 feet elevation remains snow capped all year round.

    4. Although you could get by in Seattle proper without a car you would likely want one if you planned to travel around the larger area much. Seattle has "ok" public transportation, certainly not as good as NY or Boston. I don't think Seattle is as walkable as say NY, but you could get by without a car. Biking is huge, so no worries there.

    5. Don't know statistically, but my impression is mostly middle age. With the UW in town you have a fair number of young people just from that.

    In Seattle the rain is more like a constant drizzle. Intermittent windshield wipers were invented with Seattle in mind. In the north east the rain comes in huge amounts in a short amount of time. The remnants of a hurricane blowing through Philly (which happens usually 2-3 times a year) can drop huge amounts of rain in a short amount of time. In Seattle they don't get that. Also it's not humid in Seattle. The weather shouldn't be a concern in your decision to move there, it's not bad. I'd take a Seattle winter over a NE winter by a long shot.

    Source(s): Lived in Seattle (and greater metro area) for many years. Was just there 2 weeks ago. Moved from Seattle to New England in 1990.
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Great questions. I've lived in Seattle my whole life (29 years......other than 2 years in Denver) so I'll try to answer as honestly as I can because I just love this city.

    No, It does not rain as much as people say in the summer. Typically between late June and September we get pretty great weather. For example its going to be sunny and about 75 this whole weekend.

    Usually there are morning clouds that burn off by about 8 am.

    It does rain quite a bit in the winter though, I'm not going to try to cover that up.

    But we kind of have a saying,.....If you're going to let the rain stop you then you're not going to get anything done.

    2) What do we do for fun? Ohhh,......if you like beer or wine this is your place! There are so many wineries and breweries. The mountains are 45 minutes away.....there is always something to do on the water, rivers, lakes, oceans...... Of course there are all the metropolitan things to do - dinner, dancing, ball games, theater, symphony, museums, etc

    3) Snow in the winter? Not in the city. We'll typically get less than 12 inches of snow in the city. But the mountains will get their fair share for ski season.

    4) The city is not small. I would recommend getting a vespa or scooter if you're going to stay mostly in city. There are a LOT of hills and biking can be a bit much sometimes. A car is something you'd have to fight with parking(and its REALLY expensive here)

    5) Seattle is really hip and I'd say we have a good mix of all age groups. Inner city it seems its more people between 25-40.......

    I hope all this helps. If you're looking for particular neighborhood questions or need other suggestions just let me know.

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