Can twelve year olds do volunteer work?

And, if so, what type.

I really want to help out somehow over the holidays. I know you have to be at least thirteen to do most jobs, that pay, but are the rules any different for unpaid, volunteer work?

Also, are there any charity runs/races that I could compete in?

(I want to do something productive over the six weeks.) Thanks!



We live around three miles away from the closest village, and so have no neighbours. That's why I want to volunteer somewhere.

Also, my parents work from eight to seven every night, because of their home business. So, is there any - trusted - associations that I could help out at?

Thanks again!

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    At 13, you will need to volunteer with a parent:

    Family Volunteer - Volunteering by Families with Children.

  • 8 years ago

    You could certainly do volunteer work either through your family or through an organisation like scouts or guides. There are lots of things you could do for neighbours, for example

    You could do shopping for someone who is frail or disabled and carry stuff

    You could help with gardening or cleaning the house for someone who is unwell or just had a baby, for example.

    Of course you could help your mum or dad or grandparents with things like this too!

    There is nothing illegal about going with a friend (two is best) to knock on doors and offer to do odd jobs for people (car washing, window cleaning.) some of them may even pay you.

    There was recently an environmental award given to some 11 and 12 year old boys who started a scheme taking recycling to the recycling bank for older people who couldn't carry it. They had a cart attached to the back of a bicycle to carry it in.

    Why not?

  • 8 years ago

    I'm sorry i think most volunteer places need you to be at least 16 to volunteer but if you should ask around about walks like breast cancer walks or something because i don't think there's an age limit to participate

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