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Poll: Serena or Venus Williams?


Also, how many more slam titles do you think each of them have left?

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    Talent: Serena has a more complete game and more variety than Venus and always has. As powerful and athletic as Venus is, she does have some technical flaws in her game that lead to unforced errors when she's not playing her best. Her service motion has a hitch in it that Serena's doesn't have. The power on her first serve is awesome, but her second serve is weak and inconsistent which leads to double faults. Her forehand also breaks down under pressure more than Serena's. When Serena makes unforced errors, it's because she is playing a high risk game and trying to go for way too much, not necessarily technical errors. Plus, Serena's mental game is much stronger than Venus (as evidenced by their head to head records particularly in the slams). Venus has difficulty closing out matches (especially in tight matches with equally skilled opponents (Serena; Clijsters; etc).

    Accomplishments: There is no question that Serena has accomplished more in the sport than any other active player. She has nearly double the single slam titles that Venus has and has been ranked number one in the world for a much longer period of time. Serena is also among the few women who have a career slam (all four major titles). Venus has never won the Australian or French Open.

    Personality: Venus has a better personality than Serena off the court. She seems to keep her emotions in check, doesn't over-react and unlike lil sis, Venus actually thinks about what she says in interviews before she says it. Venus also seems much more gracious in victory and defeat than Serena does. When Venus looses to Serena she congratulates her and smiles. When Serena looses to Venus, she has a frown on her face and looks pissed off. And that is her own sister! Serena is more full of herself (arguably rightly so) while Venus is more quick to acknowledge the superior play of an opponent.

    Assuming both of the Williams sisters retire by the end of 2012 (a big assumption), I think Venus will win one more GS titles (probably Wimbledon next year) or the Olympic Gold (also played on grass next year). But she is unlikely to win at another tournament. She doesn't seem to have enough match play this year to win the US Open and her history at the Australian and French seems to indicate that if she was going to win one of those, she would have by now. I think Serena can win at least two more majors before she retires. She has owned the Australian Open for most of the years that she has shown up there, and the US Open (slightly more challenging) has been her second best result.

    If the sisters decide to extend their career into their mid 30's, then I would double the number of slams that I have predicted for each of them respectively (Venus 2 more; Serena 4 more).

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    Personally I like Venus more. She has more respect to other players on tour and not as cocky and arrogant as Serena. But to be honest, I feel that Venus has already past her time to win another slam while for Serena I still think there's at least one or two from her. But I just hope that my prediction is wrong as I do hope Venus still manage to win slam for the last few years on tour.

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    Way back when they first started on the tour I was like omg what is this we have here? But over the years I must admit I have become a fan of both girls, they have both got results and earned the respect of a lot of doubters for it. They started the hard hitting women's game and blew everyone else away and the younger players have come up with learning that style of play and yet the Williams are still winning so they have been great for women's tennis. Who do I like better? I would say Serena and mainly because you see and hear more of her. Both girls are a credit to their family and speak beautifully during interviews.

  • I used to prefer Venus, now I liek Serena more

    I don't think venus will win more slams, but I can see Serena winning more after she's back to her top form

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    I prefer Venus, she isn't as b*tchy as Serena!

    Serena could maybe win 1 more Grand Slam but honestly I doubt either of them will win another slam.

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    Serena as a player because it is much more complete,Venus is more humble than Serena and that makes me like her more.

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    Serena Williams

    I think shes has a lot more left ..Venus is on the brink of retirement if she doesnt bring her game up to par

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    9 years ago

    Venus, shes nicer and I like the way she plays more.

    Serena a few more, Venus none but hopefully she'll win another.

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    id rather bum serena, serena is better, and i think they venus is passed it and serena has a few left in her

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