How do I set my coffee maker's timer?

I have a Black & Decker Home 5-cup with a deceivingly simple design. "On" button makes it brew. "Hour" and "Minute" buttons set the clock, and after hitting "Program," they're also used to set the time you want coffee to brew automatically. I've tried every combination of sequences in regard to steps, left it on, left it off, etc., and it won't brew at the time I set. I also can't just leave it on after a cup and pour the next batch of water in for the morning, because it will automatically start brewing.

Even if you just have any Black & Decker coffee maker with a timer, I'd really like a step-by-step on this; explain it to me like I'm 5, because I want that coffee brewing before I climb out of bed.

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    From the manual:


    1. Press the AUTO/PROG button and the green light above starts flashing.

    2. Quickly press the HOUR then the minute buttons to select the time you’d like the automatic

    brewing to begin (for example 7:15 A.M. Make sure the P.M. light is not on.)

    3. Press the AUTO/PROG button again holding it down for several seconds until the AUTO/PROG

    light stops flashing. This indicates the timer is activated.

    4. Prepare the coffee maker for brewing following the directions for BREWING COFFEE but don’t

    press the ON/OFF button.

    5. To check the preset auto time, press the AUTO/PROG button and the preset auto time will be


    6. When the clock returns to the current time of day, press AUTO/PROG to reactivate the timer.

    7. To automatically brew coffee at the same time the next day, prepare coffeemaker for brewing

    coffee and press the AUTO/PROG button.

    Note: The Auto-Brew function can be canceled at any time:

    • Press the AUTO/PROG button a second time or

    • Press the ON/OFF button twice.

    • All lights go off.

    Link to the PDF manual:

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    Using the set timer is just another option. If you want to wake up to freshly brewed Coffee then place the coffee grounds in the basket and fill the water reservoir and set the timer.

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    Usually, to indicate the on time brewing is on, a red dot is lit in the screen. If your screen has auto brew get to that, then set the time. If that doesn't work, it may be defective. I just put the grounds and water in the night before and turn it on in the morning before I hit the bathroom personally. (I have a cheapie, no auto brew)

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