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Can you listen to the NASCAR Cup races on the radio where you live?

What are some radio stations in the U.S. that broadcast the NASCAR Cup races?


Come on with the fxxking abbreviations and answer the question so I can understand it or I'm just going to pick Mr.Colon for best answer. WTF is PRN

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    Hell yeah, why don't you just Google, Nascar radio stations in the U.S ? you will get a more specific answer.

    ## You truly are a Dumb A$$!

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    Well, If you choose to go to any of the 2.5 mile tracks or road courses, here is a little advice, where you sit is all you see. Of course Talladega has the best parties and infield but do you really want to see the cars come by in 10 seconds for every 50 seconds for 200 laps. These are way better to watch on TV because you can see the action at all times with a greater view. This is some of the BEST racing out there but I just think it is better to watch on TV. Next, you have the 1.5 - 2 mile tracks. These tracks have good racing but seem to get very spread out and have LONG green flag runs. These are the tracks that usually leave 10 - 20 cars on the lead lap by the end of the race and the way the new car perfroms when in clean air, the leader is gone once the green flag drops. My favorite races to go to are the 1 mile tracks like dover and New Hampshire. Dover is high banked and fast and always has great racing. Just look at the last ten laps from the dover race this year, they always seem to come right back together for a good race at the end. I have always liked the racing at New Hampshire and just love how the track is pretty flat and they have to move each other out of the way. Finally, you have the short tracks, Richmond, Martinsville, and Bristol. These tracks produce some of the best racing, beating and banging, and are always some of the most "looked foward to" races on the schedule. Bristol has lost some of its original beating and banging since the resurface, but is still a great show. Night races are great races to attend. The track has more grip which usually results in more side-by-side racing. You see the sparks flying and love the looks of the cars at night. Anyways, this is just my opinion that I have gathered from attending races in the past. I hope this helps you and ENJOY the NHMS race!

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    Once the schedule moves from Fox and ABC the radio is about the ONLY way I can keep up with a race, since I don't have cable. 98.1 WBRF-FM in Virginia is the station I listen to. PRN is the Performance Racing Network; MRN is the Motor Racing Network. If you go to their websites, they might list the stations that carry their broadcasts.

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    Ok, here goes. Yes, I can listen to NASCAR Cup races on the radio where I live. But if you want to do the same, it would help to know where you are located at. I'm sure that unless you live near me, you won't be able to pick up the tiny little 5000 watt station that's located in the middle of a corn field that I listen to.

    Normally, if you do a search on Motor Racing Network or Performance Racing Network, you'll be able to find a station near you that will air the races. HOWEVER, if you're wanting to listen to the Brickyard 400 this weekend, that's a whole different story.

    The people at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are a greedy and prestigious bunch. They have their own network called IMS Radio Network, and apparently they charge radio stations a bundle for the honor of airing their races. According to the IMS Radio Network website, there's over 400 stations that air the race. I guess you'll have to do a search to find one in your area. Also, according to, the Brickyard 400 will air on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio 90.

    If you're lucky enough to be at the track and have a hand-held scanner, you can listen to the race on that. The frequency lists are readily available.

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    They're trying to help you. MRN and PRN are the racing radio networks. Google them. On their website will be a listing of radio stations by state and city. You can find the station for where you live or anywhere you might be traveling to.

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    No not in Lake Havasu City,can go about 25 miles up the hill and can then get it. Been awhile since i have been up the hill but i think the station is out of BullHead City or Laughlin.

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  • Got a little secret...if you have access to a computer...and it seems that you can actually WATCH a race on it FOR FREE. and follow instructions. Think you can do that???

    However, if during the race you will be at work...or in your car...and not around a computer...then I guess you are SOL.

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    I do not get it in my location. Even the satellite radio channel doesn't come in the basic package, and no thanks to another $20 a month. Busch league stuff I deal with in Canada.

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    I can hear it on the radio but sadly my local radio station does its own thing

    seriously, we tape-delay Glenn Beck and John Gibson,

    and its actually not aired races before

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    Yes but I always watch the races on tv

    Source(s): try MRN radio
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